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Whether your business is comprised of 50 people in an office or 10 people spread across the country, it’s never too late to consider switching to the right business phone service for you. A VoIP phone service specifically tailored for the way your business operates can give you and your employees incredible benefits in the workplace.

Step 1: Residential Vs Business

Believe it or not, many small business owners still rely on their residential phone lines or a consumer phone service to interact with their customers. Now this might be okay if you’re a 1-man (or woman) show, but if you have 5+ employees, it's time to get serious about your business image. A business VoIP phone service can help you tremendously in this regard with corporate phone system features such as:

  • An auto attendant or virtual receptionist that intelligently routes your calls and gives your customers a great impression of your business every time they call in.
  • Extension dialing that not only makes your business appear like a big corporation to your customers, but also makes connecting with your colleagues that much easier.
  • Queues and groups that allow you to choose how you want incoming calls handled. Your customers will hear ‘for sales, press 1; for support, press 2, etc’ and any other customized messages you want to broadcast. Again you get the big business feel with fantastic productivity benefits for your employees.
  • Remote office capabilities that allow your employees scattered across the nation to plug their IP phones into their Internet connections and make calls as if they were in the office. Furthermore, since they’re on your business phone system, their outbound caller IDs show their business contact info so your clients don’t see their personal numbers.

Step 2: Beyond Just Looking Professional

Let’s say you’re on board with investing in a business phone service to improve the image of your company. Okay, that’s a great first step but how do you choose between a legacy phone system and a hosted VoIP solution? ‘Don’t I get everything with an old-fashioned PBX?’ you ask. Not exactly. In fact, hosted business VoIP solutions and PBXes differ in many ways.

  • A hosted VoIP service does not cost thousands of dollars, upfront.
  • Business VoIP services usually do not require setup or maintenance fees. These solutions can be installed in minutes at no additional cost to the client. With a hosted business phone service, you can make adjustments to your service easily online so you don’t need to hire an IT guy to come in every time you need to add callers or make an adjustment to your phone system.
  • Hosted business VoIP solutions do not age. Maintenance and upgrades are constantly being made by your provider to ensure that your service is top of the line. In contrast, a 4 year PBX telephone system can feel ancient.
  • A hosted PBX has remote office capabilities, allowing your employees to set up shop anywhere with a reliable broadband connection and conduct business as usual. You certainly cannot do that with a traditional PBX phone system.

Step 3: But there are Many Hosted VoIP Providers…

Finally, let’s say that for the sake of argument, you’re intent on trying a hosted PBX as your business phone service. There are lots of providers out there and like any other field, there are great ones and others that are not as phenomenal. How do you narrow it down? We’re going to conclude this article with a list called, ‘Can your provider say this?’ to show you how OnSIP is unique.

Can your provider say this?

  • "Our customers can pick from a true pay as you go plan or a per seat metered plan. Regardless of how they use their phone system, they will be able to find a solution that improves their business communications while saving them money at the same time."
  • “Our customers have unlimited use of the included On Net Conference Suites.”
  • “Each of our users can have 10 phones (softphone, desktop, home, mobile) registered at the same time for no additional cost.”
  • “Each of our users gets a free web browser dashboard for private on network chat, click-to-call, checking voicemail, call transfer and more.”
  • “We support wideband audio (HD voice) across all on network calls and on our On Net Conference Suites. If you’re calling someone off network and they’re also on an ‘HD phone’ then, you guessed it, we’ll support that HD call as well.”
  • “We don’t restrict your use of hardware. Bring any IP phone you want to our service.”
Can the business phone service you're considering say all of these things, if any? OnSIP can.

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