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Password Explanation, Security, and Tips for OnSIP Users

by Larry Browne

Security is the opposite of convenience. Read on to see how OnSIP handles password security.

Security means different things to different people. To a system administrator, it can be the difference between a relaxing weekend and weeks of hell that never end. To end users, it's a trade-off between convenience and using something other than 'abc123' or '123456' as their passwords.

Here’s a metric many can understand: security is the opposite of convenience.

SIP Passwords

We have very secure SIP passwords for OnSIP. We get all kinds of comments on the complexity. We are proud of that complexity; it keeps all of us secure and allows us to give you a great service at a bottom-line price. If we let everyone make their own SIP passwords, we’d be getting hacked all the time, which would be costly. NO ONE wants that! Our SIP password security keeps our CTO smiling. I think.

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my.OnSIP and Admin Portal

As for the my.OnSIP and admin portal passwords (a.k.a. VOIP passwords in our Knowledgebase): We allow users to choose them. As much as our CTO would like to have those provisioned by our system, too, we don’t. We do, however, send a temporary password on reset, and it is just that- temporary! It only lasts for 24 hours, and then expires. When you get one, the first thing you need to do is to go in and change the password, to, dare I say it, one you’re comfortable with. Also, the password for the admin portal and my.OnSIP are the same for each user. So administrators need to pay extra special attention-when you reset it for one, you reset it for BOTH! It's doubly important that administrators keep their passwords secure. We leave it in your hands. When we send a password reset, it is to the email address in the user’s contact information. Make sure those addresses are correct and current so they will get delivered. The entire process is automated, so we can’t see your passwords, for your security. If you selected to have your password reset, don’t forget to check your spam folder as the reset email is sent almost immediately. Related Links:

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