Pay As You Go


per person per month

Pay for features & calling as you go.
$49.95 features minimum.

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Included in Minimum

Voicemail Box (& VM to Email) 5
Auto Attendants 3
Ring Groups 3
Dial by Name Directory 1
Annoucements 1
Music On Hold Channels 5
OnSIP InstaCall Unlimited

À La Carte Features

Voicemail Box (& VM to Email) $02.00
On Net Conference Suite $19.95

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Offers savings for businesses that want to pick their features a la carte. Pay for features and calling as you go.

Per Seat Metered


per person per month

Includes one of every feature below per seat.
5 person minimum.

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Included (1 per seat)

Voicemail Box (VM to Email)
Auto Attendants
Ring Groups
Dial by Name Directory
Music On Hold Channels
Busy Lamp Field
Call Parking
Enhanced Music On Hold
OnSIP InstaCall

Offers industry-high value. Get 1 of each OnSIP feature per seat (highly discounted). Pay for calling as you go.

All Available Features

Voicemail Box (& VM to Email) $02.00
Music On Hold Channel $04.95
Auto Attendants $19.95
Ring Groups $14.95
Dial by Name Directory $09.95
On Net Conference Suite (1)$19.95
Conference Suite Bundle (10) $50.00
Simple Queue Agent $09.95
Smart Queue Agent $14.95
Announcements $04.95
Enhanced Music on Hold $19.95
Busy Lamp Field $19.95
InstaPhone for Salesforce $14.95
Call Parking $14.95

Our Calling Rates

Inbound Rates

Standard Inbound Calls 2.9¢/min
Inbound Toll-Free 3.9¢/min
On-Network Calling FREE
Phone Numbers $7/setup, $2/mo after
Number Porting $15/number
25 Simultaneous Calls per Number

Outbound Rates

Standard Outbound Calls 2.9¢/min
Extended Calling Area Variable
On-Network Calling FREE
E911 $1.80/mo per seat
Number Porting $15/number
Unlimited Outbound Call Limit

Bulk Minutes Bundles (In & Out)

300,000 Minutes / Month 5% off
500,000 Minutes / Month 10% off