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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Cloud VoIP Hits the Right Notes for George's Music

by Joe DeBari

George's Music selected OnSIP Hosted VoIP to unify the phone system for its eight dispersed retail locations.

George's Music is a full-service retailer that sells instruments and sound equipment throughout eight brick-and-mortar stores on the East Coast and two online sites: George's Music and MusiciansBuy. They also offer music lessons and organize clubs for music enthusiasts.

The distributed nature of George’s Music operations made the company a prime candidate for hosted VoIP services, but its previous provider was not supplying the level of service expected. Tony Dellett, the IT manager at George's Music, spoke with us about his search for a new business phone service.

Researching a New Hosted VoIP Service

Tony performed extensive online research and spoke with representatives from multiple VoIP providers. During his search, he discovered that Ars Technica, a website he trusts, uses OnSIP. (Ars Technica is a publication devoted to technology news, analysis, and new gadget reviews.)

George's Music ultimately decided that OnSIP’s feature set and pricing best suited its requirements. Since then, the company has determined that, "The flexibility of setup, ease of use, and administration tools exceed our expectations and meet our business needs exceedingly well. We made a wise choice switching to OnSIP from our previous provider."

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Implementing OnSIP in Different Locations

OnSIP excels at providing unified phone service for multi-site offices and stores. An employee can extension dial his or her colleague in a different office, and what's more, it's a free call because it does not traverse the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Tony elaborates on this point: "OnSIP is great for connecting locations spread across the country. We have our various locations set up as single extensions, so it's easy to dial any of our locations using one numbered extension. It's also helpful that we can set up multiple physical phones, including a cell phone, as a single extension so that we can reach our company president, who always seems to be traveling."

Thanks for the kind words, Tony!

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