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Metered Pricing and Geographic Flexibility Draw RapidVisa to OnSIP

by Kevin Bartley

RapidVisa wanted a communications solution that paired geographic flexibility and reasonable pricing.


RapidVisa is an immigration services company headquartered in Colorado. It assists U.S. citizens in bringing family members to the United States by helping them get green cards. RapidVisa has been an OnSIP customer since 2011, and they currently have 24 registered phones. We interviewed RapidVisa President Ben Ives to learn about their OnSIP experience.

1) Tell us about RapidVisa – Please provide a brief history and introduction.

RapidVisa helps U.S. Citizens bring foreign family members to the U.S. by preparing all documents necessary to obtain a Lawful Permanent Residence (green card). The company was started in 2006 with the goal of bringing the immigration process into the 21st century. RapidVisa is now the number one provider by volume of family visas in America. We have offices in Colorado and The Philippines, and we will be opening a new office in Guangzhou, China in Summer, 2014.

2) What do you do at RapidVisa, and what role did you play in choosing a new phone system?

I am the owner of RapidVisa and solely responsible for choosing OnSIP. Prior to founding RapidVisa, I was the Telephony Manager for a major U.S. health insurance company.

3) How does RapidVisa prepare you for all aspects of the immigration process?

RapidVisa works much like TurboTax or LegalZoom. Users enter their information and our proprietary software generates all the necessary government forms ready for signature and filing.

4) Tell us about your transition to VoIP. What were you looking for in a phone system? 

We needed a phone system that would allow to operate from anywhere in the world without a significant investment in traditional VoIP hardware.

5) How did you find OnSIP, and why did you choose us?

We found OnSIP through a simple Google search.

6) How many phones does RapidVisa have? Where are the phones located within the office?

 We currently have 24 phones. They are located in Colorado, The Philippines, and Germany. My two managers and I also have OnSIP IP phones at home.

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7) What models of phones did RapidVisa choose and why?

We started with a few Polycom SoundPoint 335s, but quickly moved to the Polycom SoundPoint 550s. I use two Panasonic KX-UT670's in my home office for their ability to display images from my security cameras. Recently, we purchased 4 Polycom SoundPoint 650s with the SoundPoint 650 Expansion Module and we love them.

8) What are your favorite OnSIP features?

Our favorite feature really is the metered pricing along with the ability to expand the system with ease. When we add a new employee all we have to do is buy a phone and add a user. We also value the ability to purchase phones from any vendor we choose.

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