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SIP Account - Free Voice and Video over the Internet

by OnSIP

Get a free SIP account to make voice and video calls over the Internet with OnSIP.

When you create an account with OnSIP, you can add an unlimited number of users. All users get a unique SIP account that they can use to provision VoIP desk phones, softphones, mobile VoIP SIP clients, etc.

Creating an account and adding up to 100 users is free. You can make an entire network of SIP accounts for your team and call each other using extension to extension dialing for no cost. You can also freely make and receive calls to and from any SIP address on the Internet.

What Is a SIP Account?

You can think of the SIP account as the key that activates your VoIP communications hardware and software solutions, commonly referred to as SIP user agents or SIP UAs for short. Once you enter in your SIP account credentials into a SIP UA, you’ll be able to make and receive calls on that user agent with your preferred caller ID.

SIP accounts are not to be confused with SIP addresses, which can be thought of as the SIP version of a telephone number. SIP addresses look a lot like email addresses (with our free SIP hosting feature, our users can make their SIP addresses and email addresses identical), and even the way they work is similar to how email works. In the example below, the SIP address is labeled 'Address of Record'.

Example of SIP Account Credentials:

SIP account configuration

You can register your SIP account on multiple devices simultaneously. Many of our customers register the SIP account they use on their office desk phone to OnSIP's mobile app and desktop app so they are never out of reach. OnSIP allows each user up to ten simultaneous device registrations for every SIP account.

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