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Need a Multi-Line Softphone Recommendation? Try the OnSIP App

by Joe DeBari

Looking for a multi-line softphone? The OnSIP app offers multi-call management and multi-line capability. And it's free for all OnSIP customers!

A multi-line business phone allows you to efficiently manage your work calls. This functionality lets you handle multiple calls at the same time and also enables you to receive calls from different phone numbers or destinations.

The OnSIP app, our business softphone available for free for all OnSIP customers, provides multi-line capability in both its web and desktop versions. This can be especially helpful for staff members who answer both sales and support calls at your company. Log into the app and see how you can use it to organize and manage different conversations with ease.

Multi-Call Management in the OnSIP App

The OnSIP app presents a telephone interface in your web browser or in a desktop application on your computer or laptop. From it, you can dial numbers on a keypad and use call handling features like Hold, Mute, and Transfer.

Starting a call is simple: Just click on the blue Start New Call button on the left sidebar, type in the phone number in the Phone Number or Contact field using the number keys on your keyboard, and then click on the Voice Call or Video Call button to call the number. A keypad is available if you want to use it; just hover your mouse over the keypad icon next to the Phone Number or Contact field.

Use the OnSIP app, available in a web browser window or desktop application, to make and receive phone calls on your computer or laptop.
Initiating a phone call in the OnSIP app.

Should you receive another call while you’re on the phone, you’ll be notified of the incoming call in the app’s interface. You can easily place your current call on hold by clicking on its Hold button. Then, to answer the incoming call, just click on the green phone icon.

The OnSIP app provides multi-call management capabilities.
Receiving an incoming call (top of the screen) while you're on an active call (left).

If you’re on the phone with a caller but need to make a new call to a different phone number, you can put your current call on hold and click on the Start New Call button on the left sidebar to start a second, separate call to another number.

Active calls are displayed in buttons on the left sidebar so you can easily access and navigate between them. The calls will display whether they are "active" or "on hold." Just select the call that you want to be in and use the call handling buttons to place the call on hold, take the call off hold so that you can start speaking with the caller again, transfer the call, or hang up the call.

Multiple ongoing calls appear on the interface of the OnSIP app.
Multiple active calls appear on the left sidebar of the OnSIP app. Clicking on one of those calls will bring up the call itself, including its call handling options.

Multi-Line Capability in the OnSIP App

In addition to multi-call management, the OnSIP app has multi-line capability as well. This functionality can enable your staff members to organize incoming calls from multiple lines, queues, or groups.

When you create a user in your OnSIP account, you can assign a direct extension to that user for coworkers to extension dial. You also have the option to create SIP aliases under that main user. Essentially sub-users, these SIP aliases are unique versions of the main user that can be used for different roles. For instance, my main user is ‘joe@jntest.onsip.com.’ I can then create two SIP aliases for when I have to answer sales calls and support calls. My sales SIP alias can be ‘sales_joe@jntest.onsip.com,’ while my support SIP alias can be ‘support_joe@jntest.onsip.com.’

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Benefits of Multi-Line Phone Use

Once SIP aliases are created, you can add them to your sales and support call groups or use them to log into your sales and support call queues. By doing so, you’ll instantly know whether an incoming call is to your direct extension, your sales alias, or your support alias. How?

Your multiple SIP aliases can be found in a dropdown menu in the OnSIP app.
Accessing your multiple SIP aliases in the OnSIP app.

SIP aliases appear in the OnSIP app interface in a dropdown menu under the Start New Call field. When you receive an incoming call, the SIP alias that is receiving the call will appear in the main call panel area. If your sales SIP alias appears there, you’ll know the call is coming from the sales call group or queue. If the call is going to your direct extension, your main user will appear there. With that information, you can tailor your greeting when you answer the phone (“Hello! Thank you for calling ABC Company’s Sales Department. How can I help you?”).

Multi-line capability in the OnSIP app.
With a quick glance, you'll know when a sales or support call rings one of your lines. 

You can also use your SIP aliases for outbound calls. At the Start New Call field, enter the phone number you want to dial. Then, from the dropdown menu below that field, choose the SIP alias that you want to initiate the call from. When you start the call, any caller ID info associated with that particular SIP alias will be sent to the person that you are calling. You would also use this method for when you want to log your sales SIP alias into your company’s sales call queue or support SIP alias into the support call queue.

Finally, you can set a default SIP alias if you make outbound calls from a specific alias most of the time. In your profile, click on App Settings. Underneath Call Preferences, select your Primary SIP Address from the dropdown menu there. The option that you choose will be the default SIP alias that is used when you start a new call.

Customize your call preferences from the OnSIP app's Settings page.
Set your default SIP alias from the App Settings page in your profile.

Turn Your Computer or Laptop into Your Business Phone

The phone call and phone line management capabilities found in the OnSIP app will enable you to efficiently and effectively handle your phone calls right from your browser window or computer desktop. With video calling and video conferencing abilities, click-to-call options, and voicemail management in the app, rely on the OnSIP app as your go-to business phone!

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