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Introducing OnSIP’s Business Softphone for Mac and Windows

by Jenny Liang

We're excited to announce our softphone for Mac and Windows. OnSIP users will be able to access their business phone even more easily with these desktop apps.

Published: August 2, 2017

We are excited to announce today that we officially released softphone applications for Mac and Windows. These desktop applications are fully-functional business phones with enterprise calling features and collaboration tools. Users familiar with our browser app will recognize the same interface and menu options, along with a few functions native to each operating system.

A Business Phone for Modern Teams

We released the OnSIP web app last year, calling it “a phone for modern teams”. It features voice and video calling and conferencing, instant messaging, call history, contact list availability, voicemail management, and more. It’s a complete desk phone replacement and free tool for users to collaborate with team members and connect with customers.

The OnSIP app is a step towards an all-in-one business communications tool that works on any platform. Today’s employees are flexible and mobile—work calls can happen anywhere, at any time. With OnSIP, customers can focus on providing the best level of service and not on which device is being used to communicate with clients and partners.

“Using the OnSIP app has made it so we can confidently use a phone system with no physical phones—this is key for us as a software company because it enables our team to be effective regardless of their location. Our office also looks much better without physical phones on everyone’s desks and all of the extra Ethernet cables that were required to make them work.”

- Daniel Johnson, VP Sales, iGlobal Stores

Desktop Convenience Meets Browser Flexibility

The new desktop app offers the flexibility of a business-grade softphone with the reliability of a native desktop application. With features like auto-login and saved user credentials, OnSIP customers will always have a business phone within reach. Instead of having OnSIP buried among dozens of browser tabs, a desktop icon summons the app instantly.

“The desktop app is a great add on for times when you are mobile but want to remain accessible without the inconvenience of forwarding your number. Having the auto-login feature makes it even more convenient than logging in through the web.”

- Anoush d’Orville, CEO, AD.Visory Solutions

The desktop app interface is the same as the web app, with a drop-down menu to navigate to Conference, Recent Calls, Settings, and more. Desktop notifications are enabled by default, giving users a convenient way to bring the app to the front of their screen during calls. When a call comes in, users will see a pop-up with caller ID information, and a flashing or bouncing OnSIP icon on the dock (for Mac) or taskbar (for Windows).

Users can also access the desktop app using the systems tray icon on Mac computers or the taskbar on Windows computers. Selecting the OnSIP icon will reveal the same options as the drop-down Menu inside the app for quick access to Queue Status, Recent Calls, Voicemail, and more.

A Business Phone On Your Desktop

To get the desktop app, OnSIP customers can click on the link below or log in to the web app and click on the button under “OnSIP for Desktop”. The desktop app is free for all OnSIP users.

Download desktop app

Download the OnSIP desktop app now

For detailed instructions on how to download and install the desktop app, please visit our Knowledgebase articles:

Release Notes

We are also publishing a new Release Notes page to document updates and new versions to the OnSIP app. OnSIP customers can visit this page to see what changes are included with each new release, including any OS-specific functions.

What’s Next? OnSIP Goes Mobile

Continuing with our product vision of a complete business softphone solution, our next big project will be developing native mobile applications for iOS and Android. Our goal is for OnSIP customers to be able to access their business phone system on any device, be it a smartphone, a laptop, a desk phone, or a home office computer. With our mobile app, users will truly have an on-the-go business phone built for their communication needs, with no extra hardware necessary.

“I look forward to a mobile app built by OnSIP, for OnSIP. Previous apps are notorious for losing their registration, and I have a feeling the OnSIP app will greatly improve this. I’d love to see the status of our users and quickly call or transfer with a tap on my smartphone.”

- Marlin Clark, Business Development, Marlin James Inc.

We will also be releasing a version of the desktop app for Linux users later this year to complete our desktop app offerings. For more information, please email product@onsip.com.