Release Notes

Version 3.29.4 (Web)

New version of the web app includes the following features and fixes:


  • Newly created users now have to accept the Terms and Conditions before they can use the app.


  • Improved user experience when an admin modifies a user’s call settings. The app will remember the user’s voicemail box even if the admin changes the user’s failover to a non-voicemail box destination.
  • Ability to add a phone number in the users page, recording manager, and voicemail manager has been removed.
  • Update to the Polycom E Edge series phones: X50 models have been added in, along with some missing advanced options.
  • BLF settings for phone lines now do not have the call waiting option. This was previously not selectable.
  • Ability to create an External SIP addresses with only numbers in its username is now an option for customers.
  • Issue where admins cannot edit extensions for groups has been fixed.
  • Email text label has been added into the email reports for the enhanced ACD queue feature.
  • Users who have an email address with an apostrophe in it can now be created in the app.
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