Release Notes

Version 3.30.3 (Web)


  • Upgrade app to Angular 18


  • Queue supervisor permission is now enabled correctly for users.
  • Admins can now label a user’s alias with a readable name.
  • A loading screen is now displayed when loading or saving a change in the admin portal.
  • The permission label for Organization Administrator has been renamed back to sayso manager.
  • The call blocking option available in CDR reports will now only work for inbound calls.
  • Users now get an error message when trying to set a user to multiple phone lines.
  • In the ACD queue configuration page, admins can see the address type of the failover SIP address.
  • Issue where changing a user’s SIP address incorrectly changed the user’s failover destination has been fixed.
  • Text fields in the queue reports now show the correct error message.
  • Ringing settings on an ACD queue no longer get changed when setting up an Enhanced Queue.
  • Accounts with large numbers of CDRs can now download the CDRs as a .csv file.
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