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You make the calls

Our fully customizable phone system is a breeze to set up. Easily add and remove users and features to suit your business needs. And only pay for what you need with month-to-month contracts.

OnSIP VoIP solution
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VoIP tech you can trust

We designed a system that’s so bulletproof, we patented it. Enjoy an always up, always on VoIP platform that's cloud-based, has high redundancy, and can be used by businesses to comply with their HIPAA obligations.

Our patented technology
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Hardware on the house

Make calls directly from the app, or use a desktop phone if you prefer. Best-in-class VoIP phones are included with the Unlimited plan (5 users minimum).

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Hosted VoIP Service Features

Auto Attendants

Auto Attendants allow you to set up a touchtone menu of options for your callers.

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Ring Groups

Group similar users together, such as Billing, and ring them all simultaneously or in succession.

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Voice Mail Boxes

Setup a mailbox to manage voice messages and custom greetings.

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Dial-by-Name Directory

Create a company directory for callers to reach employees by spelling their names via touch tones.

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Call Screening

Identify the name and/or number of incoming callers.

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Call Waiting

View and be notified when another call is coming in if you’re on a call.

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Call Forwarding

Redirect an incoming call to another destination, for example an extension or external phone number.

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Attended or Blind Transfer

Send calls to another extension or 10-digit phone number with or without interaction with the person receiving the call.

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Music-on-Hold Channels
Music on hold settings allow you to control the music your callers hear when they are placed on hold. 3 genres included: Jazz, Classical, and Elevator.
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Enhanced Music-on-Hold
Standard Music on Hold includes 3 genres. Upgrading to Enhanced unlocks Internet radio streams and uploaded audio files.
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Call Recording

Record your calls and upload to any compatible cloud storage provider.

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Call Parking Lots

Allow one user to put a call on hold from one device and another user to continue the conversation from any other device.

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Busy Lamp Field

A presence indicator that allows you to see who in your organization is available at any given time.

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Interoffice Paging

Page colleagues from phone to phone or generate company-wide broadcasting.

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Applications that play a message to the caller then immediately forward them on to another address.

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Business Hour Rules

Direct incoming calls to different destinations based on the time of day and day of week.

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Personal Ring Strategy

Set your ring time and where to send a call if it’s not answered.

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Call Management
Handle business calls with ease: Place them on hold, mute them, and transfer them to colleagues.
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Phone Numbers
OnSIP has numbers available for purchase from many different area codes.
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Call Blocking

Stop annoying or unwanted calls from reaching you by filtering or blacklisting the number from your system.

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International Dialing

Dial international phone numbers from your OnSIP account.

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Ring another user’s extension and then automatically open their speaker phone for a two-way conversation.

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HD Conference Suites

Host an audio call for up to 15 simultaneous callers at an extension or phone number of your choosing.

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Simple Queue Routing

A virtual waiting room with Music-on-Hold for your callers to wait for the next available representative.

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Do Not Disturb

Silence incoming calls to your deskphone and/or soft client app when you don’t wish to receive calls.

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Caller ID

Set a default Caller ID for outgoing calls and/or set a personal Caller ID for those with direct dial phone numbers.

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3-Way Conferencing

Lets you connect two other callers at the same time to speak simultaneously.

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Grants users access to 911 services by defining a physical location for each user.
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Enhanced ACD Queues

Amplify your sales and support performance with our advanced inbound call monitoring and call distribution.

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Enhanced Queue Recording

Automatically upload recordings of all calls to and from any agent in a queue to any compatible cloud storage provider.

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Historical Queue Reporting

Access and download historical reports on queue call stats and agent performance. You can also have them emailed out on a periodic basis.

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Monitor, Whisper, Barge

Listen in on Enhanced Queue calls, speak directly to the call agent, or join the call with the agent and caller.

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Queue Failover

Set a timer for however long you want callers waiting in the queue before redirecting them to a voicemail.

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Supervisor/Agent Login

Queue Supervisors can log individual agents in or out of a given queue, rather than having the agent manually enter in numerical codes from their phone.

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Custom Announcements

Play a custom recorded message to your callers when they reach a menu or enter a queue.

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Live Queue Dashboard

An up-to-the-minute view of your company’s call queues for Supervisors.

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Custom Ring Strategies
Choose between Simultaneous and Hunt Ring strategies for your ring groups.
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Desktop App

OnSIP's softphone app, available for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

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Browser App

OnSIP's softphone app, available in Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browsers.

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Soft Client Twinning

Allows you to have your softphone app to automatically ring your extension in succession with your deskphone.

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5-Room Video Calling

In the OnSIP web and desktop apps, host and join video conference calls with internal collagues as well as external participants (up to 5 people on the call).

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End-to-End Encryption
OnSIP provides secure end-to-end encryption when using any of our softphone apps and encryption can be set to desk phones as well.
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Audio Conference Suites
Host an audio call for up to 15 simultaneous callers at an extension of your choosing.
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Mobile App
Make and receive work calls from your extension using our softphone app;  available for iOS and Android devices.
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External Phone Numbers

Add phone numbers from outside of your OnSIP account, to be used for extension dialing, failover destinations, and other call routing situations.

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Extension Dialing

Dial extensions in your OnSIP account from any OnSIP-registered phone.

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Professional Call Links

A unique URL that you can send to anyone to invite them to a voice or video call from any supported web browser.

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Connect and operate a remote door-unlocking system.

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Team Pages
A visual directory for your website visitors to see if your customer-facing team members are online and available for a voice or video call.
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Remote Office - WFH
Whether you have multiple locations or chose to work from home, you’ll have the presence of being in the same office.
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Find Me / Follow Me

Receive incoming calls at any one of your extensions and/or create a call-forward and follow you to another location, i.e., your cell phone.

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Voicemail to Email

Have your voicemails delivered to your inbox via an audio file to listen to.

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Mobile Twinning

Allows you to have your mobile phone to automatically ring your extension in succession with your deskphone.

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Virtual Phone Number

Numbers that are used to transmit and receive calls over the internet rather than strictly through copper telephone wires.

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Never miss a call by having your extension ring on any or all of your devices simultaneously.
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Location Settings
Add users from different locations. Also, up to 10 registrations/user allowed.
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Admin Portal

Administer your OnSIP account with setup wizards, edit features in real-time, manage payment + contact information, and download invoices, all in our web app.

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Real-Time Changes

Moves, adds, and changes to features in your OnSIP account occur in real-time.

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Extensive Knowledgebase

20 years in the making, our KB offers detailed articles, step-by-step instructions and video walkthroughs for set up.

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Open Compliant Boot Server

Automatically provision supported VoIP phones.

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Network Status Updates
View our Network status page for up-to-date network alerts.
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Call Logs & CDRs

Access and download your account's call detail records for user-specified time periods.

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SIP Domain Hosting

Use your own domain name with your OnSIP Hosted PBX.

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Billing Portal

View invoices, update billing contact, view purchase history and more in our web app’s billing portal for easy accounting.

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Have an existing number you'd like to keep? OnSIP will assist with porting that number over from your previous provider.

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Odoo Integration
VoIP calling straight from the Odoo CRM & ERP dashboard.
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HubSpot Integration

Display a caller's HubSpot record in the OnSIP app, with a link to open the full record in a new tab.

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Zendesk Integration

When an agent answers a call, a Zendesk ticket is automatically created, assigned to the agent, and populated with basic call info.

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Google Chrome Extension

Click on phone numbers in your Chrome browser window to dial them automatically.

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Open API Integration
Add real-time communications to your app in no time. Leverage the OnSIP platform, by the creators of sip.js.
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