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Serve Your Customers Better With OnSIP’s Business Call Recording Feature

by OnSIP

Why should you set up call recording for your work calls? It's a useful feature that helps you deliver outstanding customer service to your callers.

Call recording used to only be available to large companies, but it has become an affordable feature that any small or mid-size business can take advantage of. In fact, it’s become an incredibly useful tool for a number of users.

Let’s consider how you can take advantage of a call recording service.

What Is Call Recording?

Call recording is what it sounds like. It lets you record both inbound and outbound calls, which include customer, vendor and internal calls. You can then review and replay those calls at a later time and on your schedule. It’s typically done through a phone service provider like OnSIP that can record calls on specific or multiple lines.

What Are the Benefits of Business Call Recording?

There are many reasons why managers should use call recording, but here are a few important examples:

Use it for customer service or training improvement

Customers are your business’ lifeblood, so it’s essential that they’re getting a great experience every time they interact with your business. You can listen to recordings to review the support experience your employees are providing over the phone. Hear how your employees handle different situations and how customers react; and then make adjustments, create training or implement customer service best practices.

Simplify customer disputes

You can utilize a phone recording system for small business to protect your company and confirm what’s been said if anything were to go sour. For example, we’ve heard of organizations using call recordings to fight credit card disputes.

Create a formal record of verbal sales transactions

You obviously want to get everything to do with your business on paper, but that’s difficult when making verbal sales or agreements over the phone. Life in business moves fast, and sometimes you may forget an important transaction or detail in a phone call. Recording calls creates a formal record you can go back to and check. Need contact information? What about a verbal customer order? It’s all there in the recording.

How to Use OnSIP’s Call Recording Service

Ready to use a phone recording system for small business to help improve the efficiency of your business? You’ll first need to set up a Storage Service Provider to store your OnSIP recordings. You can create an account with either Amazon Simple Storage, Google Cloud Storage or Rackspace Cloud Files. Already got an account? Great!

Head over to our Knowledgebase to find out how to link your storage account to OnSIP, and then follow the steps to enable business call recording for your organization.

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