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Manage Your OnSIP Account in the OnSIP Web App!

by Joe DeBari

Watch a video walkthrough of the new OnSIP account admin app.

Published: September 12, 2023

The New Admin App

OnSIP's account administration features have a new home!

For many months now, our team has been hard at work building all of the account settings and administrative features of the legacy admin portal into the OnSIP web app. We’re excited to announce that this new account admin part of the app is complete!

This does mean that our legacy admin portal (located at admin.onsip.com) will be disabled on October 31, 2023. But don’t worry—we’re confident that the new account admin app is even more user-friendly and intuitive than the legacy portal was.

Why do we say that? Well, the new admin app has:

  • Helpful setup wizards that guide account administrators when creating OnSIP features
  • A support hub where admins can quickly call our support team, open a ticket, and access key Knowledgebase articles
  • Options to download and print a variety of documents: Invoices, a directory of your account’s phone numbers, extensions, and SIP addresses, call detail records, and more
  • Dynamic pricing so a VoIP administrator knows if a new feature is covered by the billing plan or adds an extra cost to it

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Watch this video walkthrough of the new account admin app and see just how simple it is to access all of the account-related features in their new web app digs:

More Info + Screenshots of VoIP Management Features for a VoIP Administrator

If you’d like to read more about specific admin features, check out these related blog posts which provide more detail and screenshots of how to access them in the web app:

With the admin app sitting alongside your softphone, voicemail manager, and Contacts list, account admins can log into and work out of one OnSIP app during the day. It’s our hope that easy and seamless access to all of these VoIP management features will help admins get the most out of their OnSIP hosted VoIP accounts.