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The New Web Admin Portal: On Net Conference Suites, a Support Hub, and More!

by Joe DeBari

Account admins: Check out the latest batch of features just released in the web app admin portal.

Published: September 9, 2022

Yet more admin features have been added into the web app, and we’ve got the details (and screenshots!) for you here!

For those new to OnSIP: We’ve been building out the new admin portal in our web app, app.onsip.com. You can find the features and functionalities of our legacy admin portal within the Administrators tab of the app.

Admin App New Features

On Net Conference Suite

Set up a conference line(s) in your account for your business’s conference call needs. A conference suite can connect internal as well as external callers for a group conversation.

Screenshot of how to create an on net conference suite in the OnSIP web app.
Adding a new on net conference suite.
Screenshot of the settings of a conference suite in the OnSIP web app.
Settings of an on net conference suite.

A New Support Hub

Located in the status menu (where your profile picture is), a new support hub combines all of your customer support needs in a single place. From there, you can open a support ticket, view the statuses of past tickets, place calls to our support department, and access FAQ and Knowledgebase links.

Screenshot of how to navigate to the support hub in the OnSIP web app.
Navigating to the support hub in the web app.
Screenshot of the support hub in the OnSIP web app.
Submitting a support ticket.

Create a New PBX

Create one or more new PBXes within your account from the Account & payment tab in the status menu. You can then navigate between your multiple PBXes by clicking on the Administrators tab and selecting the PBX you wish to view in the dropdown on the left sidebar.

Screenshot of how to create a new PBX in the OnSIP web app.
Creating a new PBX.
Screenshot of how to select a PBX in the OnSIP web app.
Selecting which PBX to view.

Admin App Existing Feature Updates

From Administrators > PBX settings > Enabled services: You can download the international dialing form straight from the app interface.

Users will be directed to add calling credit if they have no credit on their accounts.