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The New Web Admin Portal: Directories, Menus, Music on Hold, and More!

by Joe DeBari

A bunch of new admin features are now available in the web app! Find attendant menu, dial by name directory, and parking lot there—just to name a few.

Published: April 7, 2022

One of the big projects that our Engineering Team has been hard at work on for months now is creating the new web admin portal. A quick recap of that project: Admin features from the legacy admin portal are being transferred into the Administrators tab in our web app, app.onsip.com. (The legacy admin portal is still available as we move all features into the new one.)

We’re sprinting to the completion of that project very soon! Today, we have a bunch of new admin features available in the app for account administrators to use—read on for descriptions and screenshots.

Admin App New Features

Attendant Menu

Attendant menus are pre-recorded greetings that automatically answer your calls and present callers with a list of self-service options. Set up a touchtone menu in the web app and allow callers to dial any of your OnSIP hosted PBX extensions.

Editing an attendant menu in the OnSIP web app dashboard.
Access and edit your attendant menus.
Following the attendant menu setup wizard in the OnSIP web app dashboard.
A helpful wizard will guide you through creating a new menu.

Dial by Name Directory

Dial by name directories allow callers, using their DTMF keypads, to type in a few letters of the name of the person they want to reach. When a match is found, they will automatically be connected to that person.

Editing a dial by name directory in the OnSIP web app dashboard.
Access and edit your dial by name directories.
Following the dial by name directory setup wizard in the OnSIP web app dashboard.
Follow the wizard's steps to create a new directory.


A new feature in the web admin portal, the Directory presents a complete list of all phone numbers, extensions, and SIP addresses created for your organization. You can easily search for a specific resource there as well as sort the table by a selected column.

Locating the Directory in a dropdown menu in the OnSIP web app dashboard.
Find the Directory in the Administrators tab.
Searching the Directory for a resource in the OnSIP web app dashboard.
Search and sort the fields in the Directory.

External SIP Address

External SIP addresses allow you to route calls between OnSIP and an external VoIP provider.

Locating an external SIP address in the OnSIP web app dashboard.
Accessing your external SIP addresses.

Inbound Bridge

An inbound bridge enables you to transfer calls to your OnSIP hosted PBX from third-party SIP providers.

Locating an inbound bridge address in the OnSIP web app dashboard.
Access, create, and edit inbound bridge addresses.

Music on Hold - Basic

Manage music on hold settings and available music sources for your PBX so that when callers are placed on hold they have a pleasant experience—instead of hearing dead air!

Enabling the music on hold feature in the OnSIP web app dashboard.
Enabling music on hold.

Music on Hold - Enhanced

Add or use a custom music source that callers who are placed on hold will hear.

Selecting a music source for enhanced music on hold in the OnSIP web app dashboard.
Adding an enhanced music on hold source

Parking Lot

Transfer calls to a parking lot where they can be retrieved from any device on your OnSIP hosted PBX.

Configuring a parking lot in the OnSIP web app dashboard.
Create and edit your parking lots.
Following the parking lot setup wizard in the OnSIP web app dashboard.
The parking lot setup wizard.