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The New Web Admin Portal: Comparing Plans and a Handful of Updates to Existing Features

by Joe DeBari

Read about the latest admin features, enhancements, and updates now live in our web app.

Published: August 12, 2022

Account admins: Get up to speed on the latest features just added into our web app admin portal! You’ll also find a handful of updates made to existing features that provide a more seamless and intuitive user experience when navigating the portal.

For a quick refresher on the project: Our team has been transferring the features and functionality found in the legacy admin portal into the Administrators tab of our web app, app.onsip.com.

Admin App New Features

Compare Plans

From the Status menu > Account & payment > Account settings > Plan overview, you can now see what your exact account configuration would cost under a different OnSIP plan type. Use this feature to compare that amount against the cost of your current billing plan.

Screenshot of the Compare Plans feature in the OnSIP web app.
Screenshot of the Compare Plans feature, displaying a new billing plan, in the OnSIP web app.

Admin App Existing Feature Updates

From Administrators > Reports: When viewing a specific user’s call detail report, the pre-selected date filters will be displayed at the top of the report.

From Administrators > PBX settings > Enabled services: Account administrators can quickly see if international dialing is enabled or disabled on a particular PBX.

From the Status menu > Account & payment > Calling credits: There is updated UX on the calling credits page when an account has no credit card on file.

From Administrators > Inbound call settings > Music on hold: There is now clearer pricing text for the music on hold feature.

From Administrators > Inbound call settings > ACD queues: The ACD queue default ring duration for agents is now set to 30 seconds. Also, the ACD queue login phone number has been removed.

From Administrators > Inbound call settings > Inbound bridge: The inbound bridge’s billing user text has been updated to say, “Report call activity under.”


We’re getting so close to having the ENTIRE admin portal live inside our web app! Stay tuned to our blog for final updates announcing the completion of this project.