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The New Web Admin Portal: Several New Features!

by Margaret Joy

Several new features are now live in the new web app admin portal, complete with UI updates to ensure a smoother experience throughout the app.

Published: November 18, 2021

We’re happy to announce more updates to our new web admin portal! Quick reminder—the new admin portal lives in the OnSIP web app. The legacy portal site is still live until we transfer all functionality to the new one. 

Several new features just went live: 

Admin App New Features

While major new features are detailed below, we have these additions as well:

  • Easier search and select for long list items.
  • The browser can now auto-fill states in form fields.
  • Universal design update to modals.

Recording Library

As you add greetings for announcements and attendant menus, you can view and manage them all from a single recording library. Within the library, you can view and sort for easier information scanning and searching. You can edit your recordings from the library by uploading a new .wav file or even recording a new message. In addition, you are able to see exactly which announcement or attendant menu each recording is being utilized for.

Screenshot of the Recording Library ScreenScreenshot of admin portal recording uploader


You can now add and manage announcements from within the Admin App. Easily view, sort or search for faster find and access within this library.

Screenshot of admin portal Announcements screen

You can also add your recorded greeting with a new file upload or on-demand recording to create a new recording. All new recordings will be automatically stored in the recordings library. 

Screenshot of admin portal announcement setup

Purchase Multiple Phone Numbers

Admins can now purchase a block of multiple phone numbers based on a specified area code and local prefix on demand.

Screenshot of adding phone numbers in the admin portal

Desk Phone Setup

You can set up desk phones to connect to OnSIP so that phone configurations can be managed through the Admin App.

Screenshot of desk phone setup in the admin portal

We've even created a helpful wizard to walk you through the steps:

Screenshot of desk phone setup in the admin portalScreenshot of desk phone setup in the admin portal

At the end of the process, we made it easy to run a test call to the desk phone from within OnSIP. We also made it easy to detect if the setup is complete or not to help troubleshoot any issues.

Screenshot of desk phone setup in the admin portal

Stay tuned for more additions as we continue building out this new portal and transferring features from the legacy admin portal.