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8 Ways sayso Boosts Your Inbound Call Metrics

OnSIP’s web calling solution, sayso, revolutionizes the way you connect with your customers. Whether you’re in sales, support, or another customer-facing role, sayso is a feature you want in your arsenal. Designed to break down every barrier between a client looking at your website and actually connecting with your organization, sayso helps grow your inbound calls by half. Check out the top eight features listed below to see why sayso is a must-have business tool. 

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What Is WebRTC? The Developing Web Technology You Should Know About

In a nutshell, WebRTC is an open-source project aimed at creating a simple, standardized way of providing real-time communications (RTC) over the web. Shortly after Google Chrome was released, its team noticed the the Web’s infrastructure fell short when it came to real-time communications. There was no default implementation in any browser, let alone a standard across all browsers, to allow direct data transfers between people. Google set out to define the necessary specifications for smooth data transfer on a common platform, eliminating the need for third-party apps or plug-ins. Within a few years, Mozilla, Microsoft, Opera, and Apple all joined the project. 

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The VoIP Security Checklist: How to Protect Your VoIP Phone System

VoIP phones, like any device connected to the Internet, can be targeted by hackers involved in fraud, theft, and other crimes. Many of these hackers hail from sophisticated operations that intend to hijack business phones for illicit calls. In 2017, telecom fraud amounted to $29.2 billion in losses, with PBX and toll fraud at the top of the list. While it’s tempting to think this number, a 25% decrease from 2015, signals a decline in phone-centric fraud, it’s more indicative of consumers’ growing shrewdness around phone scams and cybersecurity.  

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Working From Home: Essential Tools for the Home Office Setup

Haven’t you heard? Working from home is the new commute. Telecommuting increased by 22% just from 2017 to 2018. And there’s no reason why that shouldn’t be the case. With cloud technology like VoIP and file sharing, it’s no longer necessary for every employee to be onsite all the time. (Keep in mind, though, that not all roles or personalities flourish in a remote setting.) 

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Small Business VoIP: How to Convince Your Team to Switch to Hosted VoIP

It’s time. You know that switching to VoIP is the best move: There’s no shortage of benefits, and it makes sense from a business standpoint. That said, how do you persuade your team to make the jump? Changing phone providers is no small feat and requires a bit of research. It often seems easiest to push that type of project to the bottom of office priorities. Fortunately, there are several pieces of advice that hold up across the board when it comes to convincing your team that it’s time to switch to hosted VoIP.

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Mission: Complete! Chorus Communications’ Who’s Who in Technology, Baltimore 2019

The OnSIP Channel Team was excited to join our Chorus Communications friends at their inaugural Who’s Who in Technology, Baltimore, on June 4, 2019. The event, branching off from Chorus’s long-running Who’s Who in Technology, Philly, brought an entertaining day of learning and networking to the Charm City. OnSIP also returned as a three-time Technology Display Sponsor of Who’s Who in Technology, where our team members enjoyed the opportunity to meet face to face with Chorus Partners there.

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Auto Attendant: What It Is and Why You Use It Every Day

“Para español, oprima dos. For support, press 3. If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time.”

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Introducing the Redesigned OnSIP App!

Notice something different about the OnSIP app? We’ve redesigned the app, improved its functionality, and included a brand refresh while we were at it! Who doesn’t love a new coat of paint?

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OnSIP Tip: Please Leave a Message! How to Play Different Unavailable Announcements Using BHRs

One of the major advantages of using OnSIP at your company is the flexibility that it gives you to meet your business’s needs. As we wrote about in a previous post, you can use its cloud phone system features in many unique ways. For instance, you can unite phones that are in different offices under one ring group, and you can add sayso on your website, enabling site visitors to call your business using only their web browser windows.

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5 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of the OnSIP App

One of the most important communication features offered by OnSIP is the OnSIP app, our business softphone and complete desk phone replacement. With this app, your business's staff members can keep in touch with customers and colleagues no matter where they are working on any given day. They'll also be able to make video calls and host video conferences without needing a costly videophone or an expensive video conferencing platform.

Watch our video below on how you and your staff can get the most out of the OnSIP app, or read on for more information.

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