#SMBlab: Exploring WebRTC and Cloud UC [VIDEO]

Want to brush up on WebRTC and cloud unified communications (UC) services?

Mike Oeth of OnSIP and Angela Leavitt of Mojo Marketing continue the conversation on SMB tech and trends in the latest episode of #SMBlab. They also had a special guest join as well: Ed Szamborski of AAccess Network Communications. Ed is a great friend to OnSIP, as well as one of our resellers. Watch the conversation, and join in via Twitter or Facebook.

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5 Cloud Calling Features To Keep Customers From Hanging Up

The average American will spend 43 days of her life on hold, according to Marchex's analysis of more than four million phone calls from consumers to businesses. In all, Americans will collectively spend 900 million hours on hold this year.

What could we, as a nation, do with 900 million hours?

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7 Features That Turn Your Browser Into A Mobile Call Center

Webphones come in all forms nowadays, and companies are always stretching the boundaries of what these web-based softphones can do. Many webphones are versatile, but there are a few features that can actually turn your browser into a mobile call center.

Mobile call centers are ideal for remote workers or organizations looking to cut the cord. Here are seven features that can turn your Internet browser into a mobile call center.

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Will My Call Quality Drop When We Switch to Business VoIP?

People thinking of switching to hosted VoIP sometimes wonder if their co-workers will notice a drop in call quality when they change over to a hosted PBX.

It's a reasonable query for anyone who is unfamiliar with VoIP. With so many real-time communications platforms, it's easy to see how someone might lump VoIP together with Skype and other apps that underperform in voice quality.

But business VoIP is a different game. It may share technologies with apps such as Skype, but it's ultimately designed to far surpass landline telephones and real-time communications apps in terms of voice quality.

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VoIP Comparison: OnSIP Versus MegaPath

OnSIP and MegaPath are two leading hosted VoIP service providers tailored for small to medium sized businesses. Though the services are similar in many way, the two providers ultimately offer two unique phone systems.

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#SMBlab on WebRTC, Cloud Security & the Role of CIOs [VIDEO]

In the latest episode of #SMBlab, co-hosts Mike Oeth of OnSIP and Angela Leavitt of Mojo Marketing dive into topics ranging from cloud security to real-world applications powered by WebRTC. Watch the conversation, and tell us what you think on Twitter or Facebook!

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6 Overlooked Features Your Internet Phone System Needs

We've all come to expect certain features from an internet phone system. Queues. Conference Bridges. HD Voice. But there are also less discussed features that can really make a business phone system fully equipped to handle your company's needs.  

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Conference Call Script Sample - 5 Examples For Your Next Meeting

Let's face it: conference calls are never the easiest way to communicate.

Whether it's confusion on who has to speak next, or the awkwardness when two or three people are talking over each other, sizable conference calls tend to devolve into chaos unless someone structures them.  

Here's a conference call script sample that will allow you to chair your next meeting with confidence. 

(And here are some tips on how to chair a conference call and conference call etiquette).

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OnSIP Lead Software Engineer Talks with Coney Island Prep's Future Developers

Lead Software Engineer James Criscuolo and I had the pleasure of attending Coney Island Prep High School's inaugural Career Fair earlier this month. Professionals of many different industries were stationed throughout the auditorium and it didn't take long for a buzz to develop once the 11th graders came pouring in.

Prepared with questions and notepads, the young men and women of Coney Island Prep scanned the tables for descriptions that aligned with their interests. While they may not have had their eyes peeled for "Business VoIP", there were some that said our SIP.js code snippet caught their attention.

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VoIP Comparison: OnSIP Versus Vonage Business

Vonage is a hosted PBX company offering packages for Personal, Small Business, and Mid-Market & Enterprise deployments. For over 14 years, Vonage has operated in the field of real-time communications with business grade solutions.

OnSIP is a hosted PBX company that serves mostly small to medium sized businesses. With over 30,000 customers, it remains one of the most popular SIP-based VoIP companies on the market.

In this blog, we do a deep dive VoIP comparison between Vonage Business and OnSIP in the domains of pricing, features, phones, and support to understand what sets the two services apart.    

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