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VoIP and the Environment: Choose Green Technology

by Margaret Joy

Cloud VoIP is a fantastic way to reduce your business carbon footprint. With hosted PBX, you reduce hardware and utility needs and expenses.

Published: April 1, 2020

When we think of green tech, we think of reusable batteries, electric cars, and low-energy light bulbs. But did you know that hosted PBX falls in the same category? While less obvious from the outside, VoIP’s fundamental structure reflects the reduce, reuse, and recycle mantra. 

Reduce Your Business Carbon Footprint

With hosted PBX, businesses neither need to obtain on-premise hardware nor maintain it. In turn, the VoIP providers can group servers together. Because they’re handling multiple clients, they can invest in better technology to maintain servers, like climate-controlled environments. 

Like any cloud service, VoIP massively reduces paper file requirements. With digital faxing methods available, companies no longer need to keep physical copies of all documents. 

VoIP is also an excellent tool for remote teams. As a result, the same environmental benefits of telecommuting are tied to cloud VoIP. Remote employees mean fewer cars on the road commuting and less electrical output at the office. 

Hand holding recycle symbol outside.

Reuse Your Eco Friendly Phone

VoIP keeps things simple: Setup is easy, and you can just plug and play most VoIP phones. There’s little reason to ditch your existing VoIP desk phones for new hardware when switching from on-premise to hosted PBX. Reuse the phones you have! When it’s time for an upgrade, look for compatible eco-friendly phones. 

Recycle Old Technology

And when it’s time for that upgrade, don’t just toss your old hardware in the dumpster. Whether you choose to sell, donate, or recycle, there are myriad ways to sustainably dispose of old equipment

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