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New Year, New Habits: How VoIP Reduces Your Business Carbon Footprint

by Margaret Joy

Switching to VoIP should be at the top of your list when figuring out how to make your business greener.

Published: December 17, 2020

It’s no secret that VoIP is a wonderfully green technology. We’ve touched on VoIP and the environment before, and it’s a subject we’re happy to return to at any time. If you’re looking to lower your business carbon footprint, switching to VoIP is a fantastic place to start and here’s why. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The mantra of a greener life—and VoIP covers all three! With plug-and-play desk phones, the need for expensive landline hardware disappears. And if you use desk phones, you don’t need any new hardware besides the computer and cell phone you’re already using! Instead of replacing outdated hardware as tech advances, all you need are firmware and software updates so that you can continue reusing whichever devices you like best. As for the bulky on-premise systems you’re happy to ditch? There are plenty of recycling programs out there. 

Go Green Without Spending More

On-premise phone systems don’t work for remote teams. You can’t answer your desk phone if you’re working from home! VoIP gives your team the flexibility to work from anywhere. So not only are you saving bundles compared to landline phone service, but you benefit from lower office bills too. If your team is mostly remote (whether due to Covid or an existing hybrid situation), there’s no need to rent the kind of large office space you’d need if everyone came in to individual desks every day. Fewer lights to turn on, no need to crank the AC or heat as much, and no devices sitting around sucking energy while they lay abandoned.

Green Business Practices Attract Talent & Reduce Turnover

No matter your industry, you have competition, both among customers and the hiring pool. More people than ever are inclined to patronize businesses that are upfront about sustainability. The same goes for potential employees. Millennials compose roughly half of the workforce today and will be the vast majority within a few years. A good chunk of Gen Z is old enough to be working now too, and their priorities fall more in line with Millennials than with older generations. 

Thankfully, the Silicon Valley trend of bougie office perks to attract younger workers seems to have fizzled out. They don’t care about cold brew on tap or trendily decorated nap pods. Job searches aren’t just about salary—Millennials look into your cultural and environmental impact. There’s a reason you see “sustainability” as a menu navigation item on company websites now. 

Making an active effort to reduce your carbon footprint across business practices—even the less flashy and marketable practices like your business phone service—are simple ways to attract talent and reduce turnover. 

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