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Click-to-Call in All Its Forms

by Joe DeBari

The click-to-call feature comes in many forms. Discover how your customers, site visitors, and coworkers can all use click-to-call at your business!

Click-to-call: it ain’t your grandmother’s technology anymore!

When it was first introduced, click-to-call turned phone numbers on web pages into clickable links. If a website visitor clicked on one of those links, a simple voice call was set up between the visitor and the business. Now, the feature enables users to initiate voice calls, video calls, and even group video conference calls. It also works on websites, in emails, and in chat clients (like Slack). And, click-to-call calls can be made on desk phones, smartphones, and even using only a web browser.

OnSIP customers can take advantage of this versatile communication feature in a variety of ways. Other than just clicking links on website pages, you’ll be able to use click-to-call to connect your colleagues with each other and the customers and leads that they serve.

One-Click Call Your Coworkers—and Even External Contacts—in the OnSIP App

The OnSIP app is OnSIP’s free softphone, available in the browser and via a desktop application for both Windows and Mac. A fully-functioning business phone, the OnSIP app offers voice and video calling, group video conferencing, simple chat, voicemail management, contact presence, and even a real-time call queue dashboard for queue supervisors.

The app dashboard presents your Contacts list, displaying all employees who are on the cloud phone system. Use this list to click-to-call your coworkers instead of having to remember extensions and dial them on a dialpad. Click on a coworker’s name, and then click on the Voice Call or Video Call button to call him/her from the app using only your web browser.

One-click voice or video call your contacts from the web or desktop dashboard of the OnSIP app.

In addition to displaying your company’s contacts, you can also add custom contacts to your Contacts list. These are contacts who are outside of your company, but who you call on a regular basis. Create a custom contact entry by entering the person’s name and phone number. Once in your Contacts list, you can one-click voice call him/her right from the app dashboard.

Easily add custom contacts into the OnSIP app.

Let Email Recipients Click-to-Call You Right from Your Email Signature

Want to give external parties a way to call you without having to dial your phone number?

Try out the Professional Call Link, available on the Home screen of the OnSIP app. This web link, unique for each app user, sends those who click on it to a web page where they can click-to-call you— over a voice or video call— right from the browser window. The call is free and conducted entirely over the Internet. And what’s more: the caller won’t have to dial your number or even pick up a phone!

The Professional Call Link, found in the OnSIP app.
The Professional Call Link sends people to a web page where they can click-to-call you via voice or video.

Add the Professional Call Link to your email signature and LinkedIn (and other social media) profiles. It creates a fast, seamless, and impressive way to reach you.

Connect Coworkers and External Parties with Recurring Video Conference Calls

Instead of having to sign into a third-party video conferencing service, rely on the OnSIP app. The app lets you host free multi-party video conferences for up to and including five participants.

A group video conference call in the OnSIP app.

You can create a conference call in seconds in the OnSIP app. Navigate to the Menu in the upper left corner and select Conference from the dropdown list. Then, type in a name for the conference and click on the Conference button to launch the call.

To have external parties join your call, simply send them the unique video conference web link— it’s found on the bottom right corner of your screen (the Your Conference Sharing Link). When a person clicks on that link, s/he will automatically open a new browser window. From there, the caller can type in his/her name and one-click video call into the conference. Coworkers who have their own OnSIP app accounts can join your call by navigating to their own Conference pages and typing in the exact name of your conference call.

The Conference Sharing Link, found in the OnSIP app.
Send the Conference Sharing Link to external parties so they can video call in using only their web browsers.

In addition to being a free call, video conferencing in the OnSIP app enables participants to join the call using only their web browsers; they won’t have to pick up a phone or download any plugins. It’s also a great way to host recurring meetings. Once the video conference call is named, callers can rejoin the call anytime by navigating to the same web link or retyping the conference call name in their OnSIP apps.

Offer Instant, Face-to-Face Sales and Support On Your Website

The sayso button is OnSIP’s version of click-to-call, updated for the 21st century. Completely customizable in the OnSIP Admin Portal, the sayso button can be placed anywhere on your website. When a site visitor clicks on the button, s/he will be able to call your business using only the web browser.

sayso in action
The sayso button allows site visitors to choose a topic and then connect directly with a representative with just a mouse click.

Different from plain old click-to-call, a sayso call is free and conducted entirely over the Internet (no phone device needed). You can give your visitors the option of making a voice or video call to your business. And, you can set the destination of the call. For example, if the sayso button is on your pricing page, bypass the auto attendant and send calls directly to your Sales queue.

Call a Phone Number on a Web Page With Just a Click

The OnSIP Call Assistant for Google Chrome allows customers to call any phone number on any web page simply by clicking on it. The free plugin, available from the Chrome Web Store, turns phone numbers on website pages into links. Click on a number and a call will be made to your OnSIP-registered phone(s). When you answer it, an outgoing call will be automatically made to that number—no dialing required.

The OnSIP Call Assistant for Google Chrome turns phone numbers on web pages into clickable links.
Click-to-call phone numbers on web pages!

OnSIP enables each user to have up to 10 simultaneously-registered devices, so you can use any of them with the OnSIP Call Assistant. When you click on a phone number, all of your registered devices will ring (including, but not limited to: an office deskphone, the OnSIP app on your computer or laptop, and even a softphone app on your smartphone). Simply answer the call on your preferred device.

For more information about the OnSIP Call Assistant, as well as setup instructions, please see our Knowledgebase article.

Click-to-Call: One-Click Calling for Site Visitors, Customers, and Colleagues

Click-to-call technology has grown up from its humble beginnings. No longer just a way to automatically connect a site visitor with a business, click-to-call now has a wide range of uses. Implement these previously-mentioned features at your business and you’ll enable customers, clients, and colleagues to connect and collaborate with each other with just one click.

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