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Eli the Computer Guy Discusses Small Business VoIP (VIDEO)

by Samantha

Eli the Computer Guy talks about VoIP for small business with OnSIP CEO Mike Oeth and takes a deep dive into our platform.

Eli The Computer Guy, with over 500,000 Youtube channel subscribers, does a great job distilling complicated technical issues down to really logical and digestible video talks. Back in July, OnSIP was lucky enough to have him pay us a visit to our NYC office. Our CTO, John Riordan spent the day showing him around our office and explained to him how OnSIP works.

In his latest video (below), Eli discusses small business voip services and the technology behind the shift from traditional on-premise telephone systems.

A Network Admin’s primer on Business VoiP in one video.

If you are familiar with basic networking concepts and are interested in a great overview of how VoIP works, Eli has compiled a great video, which will cover the major points. When you are done, you’ll be armed with the knowledge of what distinguishes one hosted voip provider from another along with project considerations such as voip bandwidth requirements.

Eli thinks OnSIP is the best service around.

We’re pretty obsessed about our service and the value it brings to small and medium businesses. In the video, Eli does a great job explaining our unique SIP proxy architecture and why it results in superior reliability and redundancy at a low price to customers.

"These guys really do know what’s going on. They really do know their market. They are really passionate about it. And again…..they really do have the best service."

The VoIP and OnSIP discussion gets going at about 16 minutes in. Enjoy!

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