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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Gauge Interactive

by Joe DeBari

Gauge Interactive chose OnSIP-hosted VoIP based on positive reviews and helpful discussions with our Sales and Customer Success teams.

Gauge Interactive is an ecommerce business development firm based out of Savannah, Georgia. They collaborate with customers to develop and maintain ecommerce retail websites and pride themselves on building personal relationships with their clients. They work with a wide variety of companies, including Carlo’s Bake Shop of Cake Boss fame.

Administrative Coordinator Erin Hendricks is charged with taking care of the office and team so that they, in turn, can take care of their clients. She spent a few moments with us describing the company’s search and transition to OnSIP hosted VoIP.

Searching for Hosted VoIP Providers

Gauge Interactive was using a phone system that was older than the company itself! The business grew quickly and showed no signs of slowing down, but the provider’s quality of service couldn’t keep up. It was time for an upgrade.

Gauge didn’t suffer for lack of potential VoIP providers, but it turns out the real challenge was figuring out how they wanted the phone system to streamline their operations. Ideally, they wanted a phone system that could grow along with the company without impacting the exceptional customer support experience that their customers had come to expect.

“There are TONS of VoIP providers on the market, but we found it difficult to wade through the jargon to determine which system could do what we needed. Nobody here speaks "telecom-ese"although I’m certainly well on my way now!”

To start her research, Erin dove into online tech discussion groups. What she heard about OnSIP hit home, and reaching out to our sales team backed it up. She states: "Our OnSIP sales rep, Eden Harvest, helped us better articulate what we needed and wanted out of a new phone system. Then he explained how we could configure OnSIP to meet those needs in a simple, straightforward way, basically translating the jargon into something we could understand."

Why Gauge Interactive Chose OnSIP

Gauge ultimately chose OnSIP based on the positive reviews they had read and Eden’s helpful discussions.

Transitioning to OnSIP (their first VoIP business phone system) required extensive planning to determine the best configuration for their needs. Part of Gauge’s fast growth included adding remote employees across the nation to the fold, which meant rethinking previous processes and tools, and OnSIP was there to help every step of the way.

As Erin relates: "That’s when I found my favorite part of the entire OnSIP experience:  their tech support. By now, most of the tech support team knows me by name (I had a LOT of questions!). With every call, they’ve been patient, friendly, and incredibly helpful. I’m no Luddite—I work in tech, after all—but phone system tech is a world of its own. The OnSIP support team has been there to answer every question and walk me through every process. I would recommend OnSIP based on their customer service alone.”

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OnSIP Met Gauge’s Evolving Business Needs

Gauge prides itself on how they treat their clients—they work hard to make them feel like partners rather than customers. They invest in the long term and were ecstatic to find a company that takes a similar approach.

A favorite feature of their OnSIP phone system is the after hours tech support system. Previously, one lucky Gauge employee had to monitor all voicemails during nights and weekends in case of an emergency. With OnSIP, they can set up an automatic reporting system instead, so clients aren’t left in the lurch with a voicemail lost in the depths of a box.

“We’re Excited About Our New OnSIP System!”

As Erin explains, Gauge Interactive’s sites are designed to offer practical solutions to company-wide pain points. We’re thrilled that OnSIP could step in to solve Gauge’s very own company-wide pain point.

Our thanks to Erin and the entire team at Gauge Interactive. We hope OnSIP continues to surpass your expectations!

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