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Developer Customer Testimonial: Codementor's WebRTC-Based Educational Platform

by Kevin Bartley

Codementor is using the underlying SIP architecture of OnSIP's network to power streaming learning tools built with WebRTC.

Codementor is a live educational platform that teaches interested developers new programming skills and offers technical advice in real-time via skilled experts. Leveraging OnSIP for developers, Codementor built live-streaming learning tools with WebRTC. The CEO of Codementor, Weiting Liu, recently sat down with us to discuss how they've employed OnSIP.

Codementor Team

The Codementor team at a company meeting 

1. Tell us about Codementor – Please provide a brief history and introduction.

Codementor is a live 1:1 help marketplace for developers. We’re making it easy for developers to connect with experts via screen sharing, video, and chat. Since launching in March 2014, we now have over 2,200 vetted experts, including O’Reilly book authors, creators of popular open source projects, and engineers at top tech companies.

2. What do you do at Codementor, and what role did you play in choosing OnSIP?

I’m the founder & CEO of Codementor. I was introduced by a developer at a Ruby on Rails meetup to OnSIP and immediately introduced this to our dev team for their review.

3. How does Codementor offer 1-on-1 time with an expert mentor for debugging help, code review, and pair programming?

There are two ways to get help: on-demand live 1:1 expert help, and long-term dedicated mentorship.

  1. Need help now? Codementor connects you with experts for urgent issue solving, technical advice, pair programming, and code review.
  2. You can also work with a dedicated Codementor regularly to achieve your goals: learning how to code, launching a project, or starting a company.

Codementor Demo

Codementor shows developers how to execute programming solutions in real-time with the help of trained experts

4. How does Codementor implement real-time communications?

WebRTC (via OnSIP) for audio and video. Firebase for real-time chat and collaboration.

5. Tell us about your transition to using OnSIP’s platform and SIP.js. Did you have another solution prior to OnSIP? What were you looking for, and how does OnSIP fit in?

We’ve tried a few other vendors but we always had less than optimal stability and quality. As a platform, it is crucial for us to provide a high-quality experience that “just works” by connecting both sides of the marketplace seamlessly. OnSIP has enabled us to provide a high-quality experience.

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6. How is the OnSIP platform integrated into your app?

The OnSIP platform is integrated on our app to support the real-time voice and video communication between users and mentors. It’s integrated onto a custom-built session room, and we need a snappy experience with the audio/video quality that gets the job done.



7. Are there any hurdles you have encountered? What advice can you offer other developers based on your solution to these issues?

It’s quite a seamless integration! We’ve been impressed by the level of support provided by the OnSIP team. There was an instance when a user reported a relatively obscure issue - and we managed to get a comprehensive response from two of the OnSIP team members.

8. What new app features are on Codementor’s horizon?

Thanks to great solutions like OnSIP, we can focus on building a liquid marketplace that enables developers to get the help they need whenever they need. We’re building more features to make the experience even more on-demand. Stay tuned!

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