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OnSIP Leads HD Voice

by OnSIP

OnSIP business VoIP leads the way when it comes to HD-quality voice communications.

Here are a few of the ways that OnSIP business VoIP leads the way when it comes to HD quality voice communications.

1. HD Support Since Day One

It seems that HD voice is just recently getting the attention it deserves. But as other providers scramble to unveil their HD voice offerings for the first time, our OnSIP service has supported HD voice since the very beginning. If you really think about it, these other providers are only now allowing HD phones to do what they were designed to do in the first place. 

2. Support For Any HD-Capable Endpoint

It's no secret that a lot of other providers will limit your hardware choices considerably. They tell you what phones to buy and often dictate where to get them. At OnSIP, we believe that you should have the right to choose any phone you want, and that certainly includes getting your HD calls on any HD-capable endpoint (deskphone, softphone, etc) you want.

Meanwhile, other providers only support HD calls for a very short list of phones on their roster. If you're with one of these providers (who we won't mention by name out of courtesy), you'll only be able to get HD calls if both you and the person on the other end are using 1 of 3 supported Aastra models. They even excluded other HD capable Aastra phones!

With OnSIP, you can use your Polycom phone to call a Bria softphone, or use an Aastra to call a Cisco, and your calls will all be in crystal-clear HD quality.

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3. HD Conferencing

We're particularly proud of our HD On Net Conference Suites, a feature that few other providers offer. Again, all you need is an HD capable phone of your choice.

Few service providers can say "us too" to any of the three points we just mentioned. You'll be even harder pressed to find a service other than OnSIP that can boast all three.

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