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Topnotch Business VoIP Support, by the Numbers

by Kevin Bartley

OnSIP's Customer Support team is among the best in the industry.

Our Customer Success Team's performance metrics continued to impress last month according to Zendesk:

  • Average first reply time dropped from 2.1 hours to 1 hour (18.9 hours shorter than our industry average)
  • Customer satisfaction rate increased from 98.6% to 98.8%
  • One-touch resolution jumped from 32.7% to 33.5%

Customer satisfaction is important. Poor customer service costs American companies about $41 billion per year in lost revenue. On the other hand, 69% of Americans would recommend a company to a friend after a positive customer experience.

OnSIP Business VoIP Mike Oeth
OnSIP CEO Mike Oeth continues to answer at least one support call per day to stay in touch with what our customers think

As a recipient of the Bronze American Business Award for Customer Service in the software industry, we've learned that OnSIP's Customer Success Team not only solidifies our reliable VoIP phone service customer base, but grows our business through word of mouth.

And besides our employees, the most critical feature of our Customer Success Team is Zendesk, the premier customer service platform.

Zendesk: The Glue That Binds Success

"Zendesk provides us a multi-channel conduit to keep in close contact with our customers when they need our assistance," said Director of OnSIP Customer Success Larry Browne. "We've come a long way since we used to track calls and issues on post-it notes. Zendesk gives us a centralized depot of information that helps across the entire organization."

OnSIP Business VoIP Larry Browne
Larry Browne, Director of OnSIP Customer Success, leads a presentation on OnSIP Call Assistant at the New York City Zendesk User Group

Zendesk is a cloud-based platform that offers ticketing, self-service options, and customer support features. When a customer calls us for support, his or her credentials are entered into a Zendesk ticket, where a synopsis of the problem is discussed.

The platform feeds these tickets, by order of importance, to our Customer Success Team across all three of our offices. Zendesk's cloud-based structure allows our team to stay unified despite geographic diversity.

Our self-help Knowledgebase is also stored on Zendesk's support pages, a trove of OnSIP hosted PBX walkthroughs and guides for customers who want to do it themselves. This convenient flexibility allows our company to rally all of our diverse support operations - from our day-to-day support calls to our permanent Do It Yourself articles—under one umbrella.

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Zendesk Tracks OnSIP's Customer Service Scores

In addition to facilitating our Customer Success Team, Zendesk also keeps track of our customer service statistics, as reported by our customers. We've seen improvements in all our major support categories in the past month, and we will continue to strive for our upward climb in the coming weeks.

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