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OnSIP Reseller Program: Take Advantage of our Extensive Resources!

by Joe DeBari

The OnSIP team provides our partners with a variety of resources that are available for use.

The OnSIP VoIP Reseller program is for sales consultants and IT specialists interested in offering a reliable, cloud-based business hosted PBX service in their portfolios. Our reseller program has seen marked growth over the years, and we currently have a multitude of talented agents scattered throughout the United States. The OnSIP team is committed to assisting our agents in any way we can, and to that end, we provide a variety of assets that are at our agents’ disposal. Here's a brief overview of the VoIP Reseller resources that we offer.

White Papers

We have created a series of white papers to educate readers about the patented OnSIP platform. These white papers include an overview of OnSIP and its differentiators from the competition, as well as in-depth studies detailing how our reliable hosted VoIP service can be used in specific business verticals.

OnSIP at a Glance Whitepaper

From our white paper, OnSIP at a Glance


Sales Collateral

The collateral section of the website offers a collection of documents that we encourage to be distributed as needed. These documents include setup guides, comparisons to other business VoIP providers, product data sheets, and much more. They provide extensive detail on OnSIP and its many hosted VoIP features, and are great supplements to use while in conversation with potential customers.


OnSIP collateral screenshot

Prepackaged sales collateral that is easily distributable to customers

VoIP Phone Reviews

OnSIP is based on open standards, and so customers have the flexibility to choose any SIP phones that they desire. While we don’t sell these phones, we are pleased to assist customers in choosing the best phones on the market. OnSIP team members have tested a wide variety of SIP phones, to check if they seamlessly work with our service. These reviews can be found in our VoIP Phone Review section, which has proved to be one of the most popular sections of our site.

Objective reviews of third party IP phones for customer consideration

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Support Resources

OnSIP provides many channels of support should you need it.

  • Our U.S. based Customer Success Team is available via phone, email, ticket submission from the Admin Portal, and even video call through the sayso button on our website or the live help button in the Admin Portal. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives have many years of technical experience and can assist you with any issue that may arise.

  • We also offer a comprehensive Knowledgebase that provides detailed articles on hundreds of topics. These include (but are not limited to) configuring phones and routers, setting up OnSIP features, and FAQs.

  • Finally, our partnership with Telecom Brokers, a full service master agency that offers phone service, Internet, MPLS, Cloud Computing, and more, has opened up a whole new avenue of support to our reseller community. The company offers partner programs that are tailored to different business needs and sizes. They can also provide sales and business guidance if you should need it. 

OnSIP and Telecom Brokers

The OnSIP Team offers the above resources with the hope that our resellers will use them in their day-to-day operations. Let us know if you would like to see a sales or product document that we currently don’t have by contacting your Channel Manager.

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