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Agent Feature: E2 Computers

by Sukanya

OnSIP reseller E2 Computers talks about benefits of OnSIP and implementation.

Steven Suslick at E2 Computers spoke to us last week about why he chooses OnSIP for his customers. He recently signed on to become an OnSIP Agent and had published unbiased first impressions of OnSIP. He hopes to make a big impact in the 1st quarter of 2012. We wanted to learn more about his clients.

Q: What is E2 Computers’ business?

A: E2 Computers is a computer and tech sales and support company in the Tampa Bay area, where we have a retail office. E2 Computers implements IT (computers, phones) for small business and home office clients. Most of our clients have up to 10 users.

Q: Tell us more about your clients.

A: My clients are all small businesses in the Tampa Bay area, but not limited to any industry or vertical. As an example, I’m intending to implement VoIP, specifically OnSIP, for a hair salon that has two locations and a corporate office with a total of 11 users.

Q: What products/services do you implement for clients?

A: We’ve recently adopted VoIP coming from the traditional POTS systems. We’ve just started implementing OnSIP, apart from another service.

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Q: What OnSIP features do you and your clients like the most?

A: I really like the auto attendant menu and how easy it is to set up. I particularly like how I can easily set up simultaneous ring groups, whereas in other systems I’d have to set up different departments and the process can be complex. Being a hosted PBX system that charges per company and not per user, I can set it up for businesses that do a lot of internal calling and can add as many users as necessary at any time. Also, it’s great for virtual workers placed in different locations - no extra equipment to deal with. OnSIP is technically rich in features, and that makes it very flexible. I can set up a system for a client with the exact specifications that they want.

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