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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: A Single Phone System for All 5 NewOrganics Offices

by OnSIP

Ingredients firm ties five offices and five states together under one hosted PBX account—no telecom experience necessary!

NewOrganics is a bulk distributor of organic and natural ingredients serving both the industrial food and commercial animal feed segments. Management’s idea back in October 2008 was to unify five U.S. offices, located in Michigan, California, Colorado, North Carolina and Florida, under one off-premises, hosted PBX system. “Our geographical distribution was a huge piece for us in developing an integrated phone system. We were really looking for a solution that could bridge us all together,” says Esther Meima, the manager tasked with telephony.

The company’s final choice was the OnSIP Hosted PBX

“Vendor selection, including pricing, quality, contract structure, deployment support, on-going customer support and contingency planning were all key parameters in selecting the right vendor,” says Meima. “There were lots of things we wanted to be really clear on before we committed. We looked really carefully at call quality and on-going support. We talked a lot with the [Junction Networks] principals to make sure that customer service would be clear, concise, knowledgeable and helpful. We also wanted to see how easy it would be to deploy.”

Three months into the deployment, Meima reports that NewOrganics is “really happy” with OnSIP’s call quality, customer service and its own increased productivity.

Business Telecom Newbie Achieves Self-Sufficiency

Meima also likes the independence she’s gained with OnSIP’s Web controls.

“I didn’t have any sort of telephone expertise” at the outset, she points out. “I just came on as a project manager.”

That didn’t stop her from bringing disparate offices into the system and adding extensions, or setting up a second auto attendant for the Petaluma office and its own business hour rules.

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“The instantaneous control piece is another huge plus with the OnSIP system,” Meima reports. “For example, if we set up a call group where phones ring simultaneously to two or three lines, and it doesn’t ring long enough to reach a live person before it goes to voice mail, we can adjust the number of rings. If someone needs or doesn’t need to be in that ringing group, we can add or remove them. Before, we would have to contact someone to make the change. It would take follow-up and we’d never know when the change went through.”

“[OnSIP] tries to make it very easy and make us self-sufficient,” Meima adds. “The company has a lot of information online.” But she also notes that live customer service has been extremely responsive. “To date, we are very pleased with our relationship with OnSIP and looking forward to growing our business with its support and expertise.”

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