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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Trilogy Interactive and an Integrated Phone System

by OnSIP

With several different geographic locations, Trilogy Interactive knew it was imperative to have a fully integrated phone system. They chose OnSIP.

Trilogy Interactive is a full-service digital agency in the political and nonprofit sectors. From strategy and design to technological implementation, they get their clients’ ideas humming. They came to OnSIP by word-of-mouth recommendation and currently have 30 OnSIP users. We asked Senior Strategist Brian Sisolak about Trilogy's experience with OnSIP.

Business Phone Systems Integration

A fully integrated phone system was imperative for Trilogy—the company is geographically spread out, and the nature of their work keeps them in close contact with their clients through every step of their campaigns. “With three different offices across the United States and several full-time remote workers, we needed the ability to pick up a phone and dial an extension and get to a coworker instantly,” says Brian.

“We also travel in the United States and internationally, and we needed to be available to our clients wherever we are. With OnSIP, they don’t need to track us down. They know where to find us. We also wanted to be able to conference people in with ease. Finally, we needed a system that was cost effective.”

Why Trilogy Chose OnSIP

Brian manages some of Trilogy’s highest-profile accounts, and he was looking for the means to integrate and revamp internal and external communications. A friendly word brought Trilogy to OnSIP. “My brother's company, Global Village Publishing, had a great experience with OnSIP. He recommended OnSIP to me when I was searching for viable VoIP companies,” explains Brian.

On top of that, they were impressed by OnSIP’s easy-to-use interface and exceptional geographic flexibility.

“Configuring a unified phone system with OnSIP requires little more than some phones, some ethernet cords, and the OnSIP Admin Portal. OnSIP's feature-rich platform and reasonable cost were also key factors in our decision.”

Business Phone Selection

At each desk in the Trilogy offices, there’s a Polycom SoundPoint IP 223. Each of the three offices also has a Polycom SoundStation IP 6000.

“I need phones that could be configured and sent directly to each office, needing nothing more than just plug and play.”

Continuing a Great OnSIP Experience

Overall, Trilogy Interactive appreciated the cohesiveness of the OnSIP experience. Bryan says, “I like how seamlessly integrated everything is—it makes all our work easier. I also like a single toll-free number, auto attendants, and a great record of reliability. We've never had a problem with uptime.”

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