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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Finding the Right Balance for Sonoma Wine Shop

by OnSIP

OnSIP customer Sonoma Wine Shop needed a phone service to keep their costs in line with their actual usage.

"We recommend OnSIP to anyone who owns a small retail business." –Bryan Cooper, Sonoma Wine Shop owner

Sonoma Wine Shop is a California wine shop with locations in Sonoma and Sebastopol. The Cooper family, who took over the shop in 2000, expanded the business to include the Sebastopol location, a 4,000-member Wine & Dine club, and La Bodega, a gourmet kitchen. They work with local winemakers and small wineries across the state to create handpicked orders for their members. An OnSIP customer for eight months now, store owner Bryan Cooper was kind enough to share his experience with our service.

The Future Looks Bright

Improving customer service is a constant goal at Sonoma Wine Shop. Their previous phone providers, AT&T and Skype, fell far short of their needs let alone their expectations:  "AT&T was very expensive for usage, and with Skype, it was basically non-functional," says Bryan. “We wanted the best value, ease of adding extensions, no requirements to pay for services we don't want or need, and reasonable cost per minute.” After signing up with OnSIP, Sonoma Wine Shop seamlessly transferred over their two existing numbers.

“OnSIP has helped provide us with seamless service for both our shops and our home office. We intend to add more inside extensions to make it easier to transfer calls between staff and to help us answer the phone quicker.”

“Our goal is to help wine lovers get connected to great, affordable California wines!”

Phones and Features

Sonoma Wine Shop tested things out with a few Yealink T26P phones and have since expanded to seven. "My favorite thing about [the phones] is the three-line, multiple account feature. It makes it easy to have a lot of direct extensions but also to create a couple of call groups to have specific phones ring for incoming sales calls," says Bryan.

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They also enjoy the OnSIP Click-To-Call Chrome Extension. "It really speeds up calling someone when we are on the computer," Bryan tells OnSIP. This plugin feature allows you to click-to-call phone numbers and SIP addresses in a web page, as well as display caller ID browser notifications for incoming calls.

Above all, their favorite OnSIP feature is the pricing approach. Sonoma Wine Shop is no call center; it’s an office, retail store, dining establishment, and customer service hub all rolled into one. With this mix, Bryan only needed some of the typical phone service features and didn’t want to have to pay for those he and his employees would never utilize. As Bryan explains, “OnSIP’s business model is exactly what we need to keep our costs in line with our actual use.”

"We recommend OnSIP to anyone who owns a small retail business—it allows our home office to work so much better with our shop. Getting the phones to work was easy, and we can access OnSIP's online admin portal anywhere." –Bryan Cooper
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