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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Orlando Rent A Villa Handles Calls in the Cloud

by Joe DeBari

Rebecca Shiver, Customer Service Manager/Realtor at Orlando Rent A Villa, relies on OnSIP's cloud phone system at her business.

Orlando Rent A Villa manages vacation rental properties in central Florida, near the world-renowned resort areas of Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Offering a variety of rental home options, the company aims to provide vacationers with more space to live in compared to hotel rooms, at comparable or lower prices.

We spoke with Rebecca Shiver, Customer Service Manager I Realtor® at Orlando Rent A Villa, to discover how a business in the unique vacation rental property space can benefit from using OnSIP throughout its properties.

Managing Vacation Rental Properties in Sunny Florida

Orlando Rent A Villa was founded in 2005 and operates out of Davenport, FL. Managing a large selection of rental homes, the company rents out properties to guests for short periods of time.

Orlando Rent A Villa's portfolio of properties includes villas, condos, homes with private pools, and townhouses in cities such as Orlando and Kissimmee. Properties typically come equipped with TVs, appliances, private washers and dryers, and dishware. For homes in gated communities, guests have access to clubhouses, pools, and waterslides. The company also offers add-on vacation enhancements, such as bike rentals and gas BBQ grills, for a truly magical stay— even outside of the theme parks!

OnSIP— "You won't get a better communications partner for your company"

Orlando Rent A Villa manages over 150 rental homes, and the company has a high percentage of international guests. As they continue to grow, they need a phone system that can provide user-friendly management of the numerous phones scattered throughout their properties, while also being able to seamlessly scale as they acquire more rental real estate. "We needed a phone service that would give us affordable global calling with the ease of one dashboard to manage all of our 150+ homes," says Rebecca. "The options are endless and confusing."

After scheduling a demo of our web-based Admin Portal and calling capabilities with Eden Harvest and Eli Kugel, two of our Business Phone Specialists, Rebecca confidently chose OnSIP to integrate their wide network of phones.

Orlando Rent A Villa, a vacation rental properties management company, offers a wide variety of real estate properties.
Vacationers can choose from a wide variety of rental properties managed by Orlando Rent A Villa.

OnSIP provides a variety of tools that enable the Orlando Rent A Villa team to efficiently manage their distributed phones. Our Admin Portal has everything they need to administer their account: new phones and features can be easily configured with a few clicks, and all changes take affect in real-time. The Admin Portal also provides comprehensive call detail records for every call made on the account. Once downloaded as CSV files, account administrators can drill down further for detailed information, such as which users made calls, the date, time, and cost of each call, and more. "The dashboard is easy to read so you can keep up with your usage in real-time," Rebecca observes.

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Another useful tool that the team relies on is our boot server, which drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to get new phones online. By entering a few pieces of information about the phone in the Admin Portal, the OnSIP boot server will automatically update the phone with current firmware and other pre-programmed information that makes it ready for use.

"The service after signing up was just as spectacular as the initial sales call. The OnSIP team has always been available and willing to assist with any issue we may have. Whether it be a setup issue or a hypothetical question about future changes in our business, our OnSIP reps always take the time to get us back on track." - Rebecca Shiver, Customer Service Manager / Realtor® at Orlando Rent A Villa

"You won't get a better communications partner for your company," declares Rebecca.

We're happy that OnSIP's capabilities can assist Orlando Rent A Villa's staff in efficiently managing their business, and we look forward to continuing to serve them as they acquire more vacation rental homes!

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