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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Channel One Group Requires Reliability & Flexibility

by Kevin Bartley

Channel One Group, a world-class graphics components producer, relies on OnSIP's reliability and flexibility.


Channel One Group is a world class high performance and program ready graphics components producer for avionics, military, and industrial applications. Channel One utilizes the AMD E4690 (M96) graphics processor, a component that is temperature screened and contracted on a managed supply program for up to 20 years. Channel One Group has been an OnSIP customer since 2009, and the company currently has 32 registered phones. We recently sat down with CEO Damian Fozard to gauge his perspective on the OnSIP experience.

1) Tell us about the Channel One Group – Please provide a brief history and introduction.

Channel One Group is a world leading supplier of graphics components for Avionic and Industrial applications. Our products are found in numerous commercial aircraft, as well as military applications, such as nuclear power submarines, helicopters, and planes. Some of our key customers include Boeing, Honeywell,

2) What do you do at the Channel One Group, and what role did you play in choosing a new phone system?

I founded Channel One in 2005. Today, I am the CEO of the group of companies. I chose OnSIP and it was one of my earliest and better decisions.

3) How does the Channel One Group provide temperature-screened high performance graphics components that include real-time driver support for high reliability embedded computing applications?

As you might imagine, we work in an exacting and demanding environment. The products that we supply are used in safety critical systems, such as the cockpit screens found in most planes. Over the years, we have assembled a team of experts in our field which stems from understanding the microscopic environments within a computer chip, to writing software to support the chips (which is audited by the FAA and other regulatory bodies.)

4) Tell us about your transition to VoIP. What were you looking for in a phone system?

In 2006, I could see that the ways businesses worked were rapidly changing with the advent of an increasing number of ways to access the internet on the go. Right from its formation, Channel One had an international customer base and a need to be able to work flexibly from anywhere in the world. Having a phone connected to a wire in an office just made no sense to us, and therefore we needed a system that would snip the wire and work wherever we needed it to.

5) How did you find OnSIP, and why did you choose us?

I used Google and researched a lot of different SIP providers. It was at a time when SIP services were just evolving, and we picked OnSIP because of the flexibility of the package. We went a-la-carte as we simply didn’t know how we would grow or develop. I'm glad to say OnSIP has met our needs every step of the way.

6) How many phones does Channel One have? Where are the phones located within the office?

Very few! Most people access OnSIP using CounterPath Bria. We have a very mobile work force and a lot people who work from home, clients offices, and the road.

7) What models of phones did Channel One choose and why?

We went with CounterPath Bria. I think it was simply because we started with X-Lite and graduated to be able to use the video conferencing features. We have a couple of “grey box” IP phones located in conference rooms and peoples' offices, but apart from the company lawyer who still struggles with a mouse and keyboard, I am not sure anyone ever picks them up!

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8) What are your favorite OnSIP features?

The flexibility of the system and the technical knowledge of the staff. We have only ever had a few issues to deal with over the years. We have been using the service and every time the response of the staff has been quick, very helpful, and prompt in resolving our issues (usually due to a configuration or network problem.) We value that sort of professionalism.

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