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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: FrightProps Isn't Scared by Halloween Call Volume

by OnSIP

FrightProps is a seasonable business that uses OnSIP business VoIP features to manage call volume during peak months.

FrightProps is the number-one online retailer for serious Halloween accessories. It supplies professional haunted houses and Halloween enthusiasts around the world with the products they need to create incredible props and attractions. Often necessary components like pneumatics and controllers are available from multiple sources, but FrightProps understands its customers’ endgame. As owner Doug Anderson puts it, “Most of them will just give you a strange look if you tell them you are trying to lift a body out of a coffin or create a thrashing zombie.”

Transition to VoIP

Dracula, a known fan of VoIP, did not haunt FrightProps into adopting OnSIP. “We wanted a phone system that was flexible and easily modular,” explains Doug. “We evaluated several providers and found OnSIP to be the most cost-effective and feature-rich solution.”

Small Business Growth

Like most small businesses, FrightProps plans on significant growth in the near future.

“OnSIP allows us to easily add or change the number of phones we have and their locations,” Doug says. “That flexibility is crucial to our small business.”



As a seasonal business, FrightProps receives 50 times the amount of calls in August, September, and October than it does in other months.

“The best thing about using OnSIP is that we can easily change how our system handles incoming calls,” Doug says. “When volume gets too high, we can quickly change our system to recommend sending an email or send calls to multiple phones before sending to voicemail.”

Even Dracula can appreciate the ease and civility of a great attendant menu.

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