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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Cooney & Conway

by Joe DeBari

OnSIP’s softphones and VoIP calling features provide Cooney & Conway’s staff members with a proficient phone service.

For 60+ years, the attorneys and staff members of Cooney & Conway have been providing knowledgeable counsel and sound advice to plaintiffs all across the United States. And that approach has repeatedly won them honors and accolades throughout the years.

Cooney & Conway uses OnSIP hosted VoIP for their law firm’s phone system. We spoke with Craig Samuelson, the Director of IT, to learn about how the attorneys and clerks there utilize OnSIP to keep connected with their clients.

Representing Clients in Illinois and Throughout the United States

You may be thinking to yourself, 'This firm sounds familiar.' And you’re right—you’ve probably seen one of their TV commercials!

Operating from an office in Chicago, Illinois, Cooney & Conway has achieved great success in representing plaintiffs in asbestos, mesothelioma, and other personal injury cases. Their most recent round of awards have been from U.S. News & World Report, naming them a “Best Law Firm” for several years in a row.

When not working on cases, the partners and attorneys there proudly give back to the community through research funding and many other kinds of charitable donations. Cooney & Conway funds Mesothelioma research at the University of Chicago and clinical research at Drexel University (just to name a few). They also fund several scholarships, most notably being the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund that supports Chicago students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Equipping the Law Firm With a Professional and Proficient Phone System

Prior to OnSIP, Cooney & Conway employees were experiencing many small problems with a different VoIP service they were using. The service was also never able to get its ACD queue feature working correctly. Taken together, these issues caused constant frustration for staff members and presented an unprofessional appearance to callers.

Craig began a search to find a new VoIP service for the law firm. He heard of OnSIP through a family member who works at a company that is a customer of ours. Craig took advantage of our 30-day free trial period to create an account, make test calls, and even test out phone system features like our call queues. Finding that OnSIP hosted VoIP had the exact features that his firm needed while also being competitively priced, he selected our service for Cooney & Conway.

“The installation was much quicker and the cutover much smoother than our prior phone system,” notes Craig.

Softphones and Other VoIP Calling Features That Support an Industrious Law Firm Staff

While handling national cases from their main office, most staff members spend some time working remotely throughout the week. Craig and his coworkers take full advantage of the OnSIP service to connect the staff no matter where they are working.

“Everyone uses either the [OnSIP] web or desktop app when they are remote and about half the staff uses them while they are in the office,” he says. “Our attorneys and investigators use the mobile app daily. Many others use the mobile app so they don’t miss a call when they are away from their desk.”

Craig further comments that the widespread usage of OnSIP’s apps has improved the ability of Cooney & Conway’s staff members to collaborate remotely.

When it comes to other phone system features that the law firm utilizes, he and his staff rely on a couple important ones to keep calls flowing smoothly. “I use the conference call feature to have quick impromptu meetings with internal and external users.” And that buggy ACD queue from his previous VoIP provider? That’s a thing of the past now! “The call queue was a problem with our past service so the function and simplicity of OnSIP’s call queues was very attractive to our reception group.”

Craig administers the firm’s OnSIP account through our web-based admin portal, where he can make moves, adds, and changes to features and call handling preferences in real time. However, he contacts OnSIP’s U.S.-based Customer Success Team when needed to answer questions about setup or configuration issues. “Calls are answered quickly by a knowledgeable technician, and problems are solved on the first call.”

We love hearing about businesses who use OnSIP to support and enhance their staff’s remote working capabilities and communications. We look forward to providing Cooney & Conway with many more years of VoIP phone service!

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