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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Roundhouse Agency Chose Standout Features & Savings

by Kevin Bartley

We talked to Evan White at Roundhouse Agency about his creative agency's experience with OnSIP.

Roundhouse Agency has been designing creative campaigns for over 14 years. The company envisioned advertising solutions for Red Bull, Adidas, and Nest, among other companies. An OnSIP customer since 2010, Roundhouse Agency uses an entirely in-house team of UX, UI, developers and QA to create everything from the initial idea through development. We recently talked to Evan White, Roundhouse's IT Manager, about their OnSIP experience.

1. Tell us about Roundhouse Agency – Please provide a brief history and introduction.

Roundhouse is a creative agency founded in 2001 by close friends Joe Sundby and Dana Bainbridge. Both were artists, avid snowboarders and hell-bent on doing their own thing. They were hungry for a new challenge—and for a job that would give them the freedom to play. So they started Roundhouse and never looked back. From those scrappy first years (including time served in a basement office), they’ve grown Roundhouse into a formidable agency with creativity, talent, and sheer tenacity.

2. What do you do at Roundhouse Agency, and what role did you play in choosing a new phone system?

IT Manager. The system was already in place when I started working here but I was surprised by the ease of using it and the assistance readily available from customer service.

3. How does Roundhouse Agency offer digital strategy, research, analytics and traditional account planning?

Roundhouse is a creative agency specializing in advertising, interactive design, retail, social media, production, and events. Our only business plan is to create great work — the kind that stirs pride in our team, garners appreciation from our clients, and earns bragging rights for our moms.

4. Tell us about your transition to OnSIP. What were you looking for in a phone system?

I wasn't here when we made the switch, but we've always wanted to maintain an easy, fast way to transfer calls, create conference calls, and have easily accessible help for troubleshooting.

5. How did you find OnSIP, and why did you end up choosing us?

I'm told after doing some research it really seemed like the best fit for us and worked reasonably within our budget.

6. How many phones does Roundhouse Agency have? Where are the phones located within the office?

36. The phones are located all over our two floor office.

7. What models of phones did Roundhouse Agency choose?

Cisco SPA504G and Polycom IP7000

8. What are your favorite OnSIP features? What features do employees use most often?

The most convenient features for our employees is the ability to receive voicemails via email so they can still receive important information while away from their phones, whether for traveling or for just being away from their desk temporarily. Our receptionist especially loved the drag and drop feature for transferring calls.

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