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Agent Feature: This CEO Also Hosts a YouTube Cooking Channel!

by Joe DeBari

OnSIP agent Aaccess Network Communications's CEO, Ed Szamborski, has his own YouTube cooking channel, where he demonstrates easy-to-follow recipes.


The OnSIP Channel Partner- VoIP Reseller Program has been steadily growing over the years, and we have motivated and knowledgeable agents all throughout the country. While these agents have continually demonstrated success in selling and supporting OnSIP Business VoIP, it turns out many of them are Renaissance Men and Women!

One of our most successful agents is Aaccess Network Communications, Inc., located throughout Southern New York. Ed Szamborski, the CEO of Aaccess, is also a cook on the side. He has his own cooking channel on YouTube, where he guides viewers through recipes in an easy-to-follow manner.


1) Tell us about your company, Aaccess Network Communications, Inc.

We are an IT services company servicing business and retail clients in the NY metro area. We handle all aspects of IT for small business from sales, installations, repairs, plus internet, web and VoIP services.

2) Tell us about your transition over to VoIP. How did you find OnSIP?

We were looking for a solution to our multi-site issues and found OnSIP online. You had the best solution for managing our 4 retail locations plus home offices with a single phone number and unified and seamless communications.

It's simple, straightforward and flexible!


3) How has your experience been as an OnSIP Channel Partner?

Great! It's a pleasure working with everyone at OnSIP.


4) You also have a YouTube cooking channel, Ed's Kitchen Simple! When did you gain an interest in cooking?

I've always liked to cook! My mom would let us help in the kitchen when we were young, something I encourage all parents to do, even if it's just letting your kids measure things or wash your ingredients. And I remember watching the early cooking shows like JULIA CHILD and THE GALLOPING GOURMET and I always enjoyed them. I bought my first cookbook in high school (the English chef Robert Carrier's Great Dishes of the World, I still have it) and it's been downhill ever since!


5) How did you come up with the idea of starting this cooking channel?

I started making the videos when I got tired of answering college phone calls from my kids asking "How do you cook this? How do you cook that? Etc." I figured I could make the videos and show people (even my kids!) how simple it was to make really great food with minimal ingredients, tools and skills!

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I really liked TV chefs that demystified good cooking like Rachel Ray, Alton Brown, Giada DiLaurentis and Jacques Pepin but that was not available "on demand" and the episodes were too long. And I had been watching some YouTube videos, but found them either too complicated, or too talky, or too slick. I wanted to see videos that were right to the point and showed you what the food should look like at each step so that you knew if you ever were going wrong when doing it yourself.

Plus I guess I'm a bit of a ham (at least my family would say that), but not good enough to be an actor, why not video?

6) Do you have any tips or tricks for aspiring chefs out there?


    • First, don't be shy about trying new things, you will be surprised at how easy good cooking can be.
    • Then, have a few decent pieces of hardware and software around. A couple of good knives, a couple of good frying/sauté pans, a nice poly cutting board, a decent cast iron enameled pot, a remote thermometer, a stick blender, fresh garlic, kosher salt, a pepper grinder, olive oil (regular and extra virgin)...nothing extravagant, but some good tools and a few quality ingredients make all the difference.
    • Practice with simple dishes so that you learn how everything works in your kitchen, like how hot your stove and pans get, or where your grill has hot/cold spots.
    • Try to be organized. Measure, cut, chop, prep as much as possible beforehand and have it all ready to throw in the pot/pan so that you can focus on making sure it all cooks correctly.
    • Finally, keep it simple! Simple things like fresh vinaigrettes for your salads, or a perfectly cooked chicken or steak with some roasted veggies, are much better than going for complexity or weird ingredients and being disappointed.


7) What is your favorite recipe? Will you be posting a video for a Holiday recipe soon?!

I don't think I have ONE favorite. Depends on one's mood I guess. Although I do love pasta with clams or homemade marinara sauces, grilled anything but especially hanger steak, and almost any kind of risotto!

I haven't really done any holiday specific recipes, but I'm planning to add some seasonal winter soups (SPLIT PEA!) soon.

Check out his videos for many more recipes and tips! Our thanks to Ed, and happy cooking everyone!

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