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Agent Feature: InTech Solutions loves OnSIP

by Sukanya

Agent Leia Shilobod answers our questions about Intech's business and her customers' needs, as well as how OnSIP performs and exceeds their expectations.

Starting with this post, we will be featuring some of our agents who like OnSIP and implement OnSIP services for their clients. Leia Shilobod is IT Princess of Power and Superwoman at InTech Solutions (as indicated by her email signature). She loves OnSIP. In this post, she answers our questions about Intech's business and her customers' needs, as well as how OnSIP performs and exceeds their expectations.

Describe InTech Solutions' business.

InTech Solutions is essentially like an out-sourced IT department for small to medium sized businesses. When one of our customers has a need with their computers, software, servers, or network, we make recommendations, secure the technology, configure and implement it. Our team loves the way technology can help businesses to be more efficient, agile and profitable. We are passionate about supporting our clients and like to align ourselves with vendors who feel the same. We had tried our hand at telecom in the past, but found it complex and expensive. Telecom providers were just awful to deal with, their reimbursement structure was strange and sometimes we didn’t get our commissions at all. The service sucked if we had a problem. I had a total distain for suggesting to clients to use them, so we ditched the idea of doing anything with phones at all. Then we started working with Junction Networks and found that VoIP dove-tailed nicely into what we already do. Its network-based, and that’s what we do: networks.

What kind of companies/clients do you work with? What products/services do you often use for them?

Our clients have between 1 and 100 computers, most have 1-6 servers. They are in the Western PA, Eastern OH, and Northern WV areas. Our clients are from every industry, but most are professional services (insurance, attorneys, CPA’s, etc.) or manufacturing firms. We use mostly Microsoft based technology for servers and PC’s. We use a lot of Cisco, Netgear and D-Link technology for network equipment. We really like the Polycom phones and have implemented them in our office and at one client. We will be implementing them next month in another VoIP solution.

Tell us about the transition process. Were there difficulties you encountered in setting up the system for your clients?

The biggest challenge in the transition was getting people trained on using the new system and delivering them the call routing/auto attendant features they were looking for. Sometimes that stuff gets lost in translation and we have to spend more time on the back end training or tweaking. On-going we noticed that we had to get them more powerful routers to do the proper QoS to decrease jitter on the lines. Setting up the phones themselves is SUPER EASY.

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How do you like OnSIP's phone service? How does it work for your clients?

My clients like the fact that it is much less expensive than the service they were paying for before. They like that they can just have one phone number, even between different locations. The implementation is much cheaper going with OnSIP than traditional PBX (not just the cost of hardware, but also implementation). They like that they can easily move phones around and take them offsite. It's very flexible. I introduced some of the more tech-savvy staff to my.onsip – and they LOVE it! Also, they love voicemail to email so they can easily access and listen to emails. We manage most of the back end for them and I find it very easy to make changes. If I ever have a problem or a question, Andy [Ogg, our Channel Manager] indulges my 5 phone calls a day and tech support gets back to me really quickly.

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