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OnSIP Hosted VoIP and Cloud Scalability

by Margaret Joy

Cloud scalability is more important than ever in the post-COVID business world. Find out why OnSIP's scalable VoIP is a great choice for SMBs.

For cloud services, it’s hard to pinpoint a more important feature than scalability (except, of course, for privacy). Larger enterprise businesses may be able to soften the blow of late adoption due to their size. But SMBs? Well, if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that scalability could be the make or break factor for survival.

While it may seem logical for all cloud services to be scalable, that’s unfortunately not the case. 

Why Do SMBs Need Scalability?

Quarantine or not, scalability is a feature to look for when shopping around providers. Take hosted VoIP, for example. Plain and simple, it’s a pain to find a new business phone service. Or any utility for that matter. So it works in your favor to find a provider that can scale with you.

Small businesses and startups in particular naturally hope for growth, but reality can be a bit of a rollercoaster. Having to reassess every time you add employees or locations costs time, money, and likely a hefty headache. So pick a service that can grow with you—or shrink, if that’s the case. That’s scalability in a nutshell: a service that moves with the ebb and flow of business life. Like we lived through in March 2020 when everyone shifted to remote work. A non-scaling business phone service would have added another hurdle to the move, perhaps requiring a provider change after all. Enter: scalable and reliable hosted VoIP like OnSIP. 

OnSIP Scalability for SMBs

One perk of building a communications platform from scratch is the chance to implement the best features into the design from the start. Among them, of course, was scalability. We’re so invested in this that we even patented our system’s scalability: If one server center goes down, everything is automatically switched to the other. So if a natural disaster or blackout takes one out, we can scale our system to balance demand and keep our customers up and running with nary a hiccup. 

That’s our system, but what about from our customers’ point of view? We continued the scalability theme from our infrastructure into our business setup. We know how quickly a business situation can change. We’re happy to accommodate your changing needs! Don’t just take our word for it, either:

screenshot of an OnSIP Trustpilot review describing how it aided the shift to remote work in 2020.
Transitions can be difficult, but OnSIP hosted VoIP makes them a bit easier.

Of course, the COVID effect is an easy example to share post-2020. But that doesn’t negate its importance or impact! Any companies still on the PSTN were in trouble when COVID hit because those phone lines are hardwired in their location. Anyone with VoIP in 2020 had an automatic leg up. Anyone with scalable cloud VoIP was in an even better spot. At OnSIP, we helped facilitate our customers’ move to remote work thanks to plug-and-play desk phones and our softphones—the OnSIP app for desktop, web, and mobile. 

Outside of sudden office shutdowns, we scale with regular business changes. If you need to add lines, we make it simple. If you need to scale back, we’re here to help with that too. In sum, OnSIP’s patented scalability is a huge asset to our customers and SMBs in particular. A business phone service should support your operations, not throw a wrench in it. That belief is at the core of our service: We’re here to help, not hinder. And scalability is key to allowing us to do so. 


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