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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Shortpath Thinks OnSIP Is a Start-Up's Dream

by Samantha

Jeffrey Friedman, CEO of Building Intelligence Inc., shares his journey to VoIP with OnSIP.

Jeffrey Friedman, CEO of Building Intelligence Inc., developed and manages cloud-based facility management security solutions for the real estate industry. With their suite of products known as Shortpath, Building Intelligence Inc. assists in managing some of the best known properties and institutions in the world. Mr. Friedman shares his journey to VoIP with OnSIP.

What is Shortpath?

Shortpath is a cloud-based security and facility management system for commercial and residential buildings. It is part of the suite of services and products provided by Building Intelligence Inc. For many of our customers, we provide our platform as a privately labelled solution. Some of our partners include the MTA, Ibuilding.com, and Cassidy Turley.

Where are you located?

Our main office is located in New York City but we have people stationed all over the country. Our employees are free to use their computers as phones and many have even taken the opportunity to install SIP phones in their homes.

Describe how your organization was formed.

Originally we started as consultants, servicing property owners and facility managers with a range of services; our main focus was on solving security issues. We developed several tools for the real estate industry including Shortpath.net.

What are your plans for the future at Shortpath?

We have launched buildings in Providence, New York City, Philadelphia, etc. Working with people throughout the country, we run our business as a single unit. OnSIP is a terrific service that allows us to work together, quickly deploy instant offices and effectuate non-location specific management. It's ideal for allowing our talent to enjoy mobility without losing the premise of having an office phone system.

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Tell us about your transition to VoIP, and how you selected OnSIP.

Max, our Director of Technology did a lot of research before choosing OnSIP. We've also installed phones; they all were very expensive and not nearly as flexible. OnSIP is something we recommend to clients, one because it works and two because it basically eliminates the expense of a phone system. It essentially erases a line item from every start-up's budget.

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