Super fast-growing company leverages OnSIP Business VoIP for seamless office moves

In the words of one a 10gen System Engineer Mike Fiedler, 10gen is "an open source software company. We write and sponsor open source software called MongoDB, which is a document store database style application."

With 10gen's rapid growth and frequent moves, they rely on OnSIP for our easy setup and dependable service.

No Time To Waste

10gen talks OnSIP 10gen has been a loyal customer to OnSIP for quite some time now. They have worldwide offices, one of which is based right here in New York City. The others are spread across the world in London, Ireland, and California; rumors of a 5th office in Australia have also been mentioned. This year alone, 10gen has moved their New York City office three times.

Moving is never easy. While moving an entire office can be a daunting task, one aspect 10gen did not have to worry about was, of course, their phone system. By using OnSIP, 10gen wasted no time handling on-premise PBX equipment and cabling, and they didn't have to call their service provider to let us know about their move. Instead, they merely plugged in their phones at their new location and got right back to work.

"By using IP based telephon[y], we can keep our number [and] move them around. [We] have a lot of flexibility of assigning people their extensions on softphones to their Androids or iPhones, as well as traditional IP phones," Mike tells OnSIP.

Numbers Don't Lie

10gen is definitely a company to keep your eyes on. Having gained $42 million in funding this year, 10gen's employee base has grown over 400%. We suspect this isn't their last office move!

Check out Mike Fiedler's interview with OnSIP.



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