Business VoIP Support & The Art of Communication

Written by Matt Barrett, member of the support team

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I actually enjoy speaking on the phone... and not just to my family and friends. This was a simple revelation, but an important one.

For about five months now, I’ve been answering support calls here at OnSIP. I started out at OnSIP working with the Support team, but not actively on the phones with customers. After I gained a wealth of knowledge about OnSIP, I was offered a position to be a full-time Support team member and answer customers' calls. At first, I was nervous to pick up that ringing Polycom phone. This is my second job that involves picking up the phone and speaking with people I've never met— and the first one didn't go so well.

When I was 19 years old and a sophomore at Gettysburg College, I worked as an intern for a small energy company in the DC area. My job was to make cold calls to government agencies and pitch them, in as succinct a manner as possible, our product: an energy-saving device that would surely revolutionize the way we, as humans, perceive electricity. Or that’s what I thought it was. The government agencies saw it differently: a scam. So, for about three-and-a-half months, I experienced every possible phone-related insult including, but not limited to:

  1. The quick “Goodbye, we’re not interested,” before I introduced myself
  2. The “Don’t ever call me again, I know people in high places” followed by the abrupt sound of a slamming handset
  3. Of course, the inconspicuous hang-up so that the intern is simply speaking to himself while holding a telephone.

Making those calls was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life, hands down. So when I was offered a job as a support person at OnSIP, I was anxious. Yet as time went on, I started having conversations with customers from all around the world: from New York and California to China, France, England and Germany. Much to my surprise, the voices on the phone were actually nice, and the ability to help customers leverage OnSIP to complement their businesses was rewarding.

Now that I have been answering your phone calls for the last few months, I’ve been able to compile a list of the five most common customer questions and their answers (more often than not). I hope you find it useful:

Q: Why are my phones not ringing?

A: You have a negative balance. Please check your PSTN credits on the Account page in the Admin Portal.

Q: How do I configure my provisioned Polycoms from Telephony Depot?

A: Create a new phone on the Resources page and type in the phone’s mac address. Reboot the phone.

Q: How do I create recordings?

A: For voicemail recordings, dial *98, followed by the mailbox number and pin. For recordings such as Attendant Menus, dial *94, followed by the pin found in your Recording Manager on the Resources page.

Q: How do I port numbers to Junction Networks?

A: Begin the process by clicking “Port an existing phone number” under the Account tab in the Admin Portal. From there, the porting department will advise which paperwork is necessary.

Q: Why am I not able to log into my account?

A: We have two web services: the Admin Portal and My.OnSIP. The admin portal allows you to set up your account. My.OnSIP shows which users are on calls and which are available to be instant messaged. Be sure that the url matches which site you are trying to log into.

So the moral of this story (apart from being a sentimental tribute to phones) is that I enjoy being one of the voices that OnSIP customers hear when dialing in for support. And I didn’t think that the words “phone” and “enjoy” would ever leave my lips in the same sentence. So if for no other reason than that, I figured this blog would be a good opportunity for me to announce that I, Matt Barrett, enjoy taking your phone calls.

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