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sayso for Sales Teams: 5 Ways Voice & Video Chat Drive Inbound Sales

by Margaret Joy

For sales teams, sayso provides a direct line to leads with just a click: no dialing, no recordings, no waiting, and no confusing phone menus.

What is sayso? It’s the inbound web calling solution you’ve been missing. For a sales team, it’s a direct line to leads—and we mean direct. Website visitors are able to reach the right representative with nothing more than a click: no dialing, no recordings, no confusing phone tree. In short, sayso removes all the usual aggravators that cause customers to hang up in frustration.  

OnSIP sayso is the only product of its kind, offering in-browser voice and video calling, complete with real-time presence and topic selection. All told, sayso is a revolutionary business-building solution, and you owe it to yourself to add it to your workflow.

We’ve broken down five major ways sayso will help drive inbound sales and streamline your sales cycle. 

How sayso Works for Sales Representatives

There’s virtually no learning curve with sayso! OnSIP developers built it from the ground up so that it would be entirely intuitive. For reps answering calls, there’s no functional difference between answering an incoming call in the app or answering a sayso call. 

The main difference from regular calls comes with sayso’s additional features. The incoming call pop-up tells you which topic the caller chose and from which web page she clicked the sayso button. If you use HubSpot as your CRM, you’ll see even more detail pulled from a cookie match: a preview of the caller’s CRM information with a link to the full record that opens in a new tab. 

Screenshot of what an incoming sayso call looks like to the representative.
Incoming sayso calls look just like regular OnSIP app calls but with the source page and topic added. 

When you do pick up the call, you have ten seconds of delay to take in all the provided information and prep before the caller can hear you. 

Even if you’re in another tab or another window than the app, browser notifications let you know when an inbound call is ringing. Should you miss the call anyway, sayso is designed to failover to the next available representative, and if that rep is also busy, the call fails over once more. 

Increase Inbound Calls by 50% With Voice Chat & Video Chat

Our testing showed 50% more inbound calls when sayso was active on a website. A lead is more likely to click a button than pick up the phone and dial, meaning sayso eliminates that conversation barrier. The sayso button is highly visible, and the icon is minimalist without sacrificing clarity. 

Customers have the option to choose voice or video (if enabled) when they call your representatives, so they get to decide how personal they want the conversation to be. Because you select which topics are available on the sayso menu and which reps are assigned to each topic, callers reach the person specifically trained to deal with their questions. 

Unlike other providers, who default to text chat or bots, we connect customers with available representatives using smart routing and provide instant, direct browser chat. 

With sayso at your fingertips, imagine how many new leads you can generate! 

Click to Call: Instantly Connect With Customers

Don’t give leads the chance to drop off before they reach a rep: Let them know they can talk to an actual person with just a click.

Screenshot showing a sayso popup.
“We’ll get you to the right place, right person, right now.”

Think of all the steps a lead has to go through when they’re on your website and decide they want to call you:

  1. Pick up the phone and type in the phone number listed on your site
  2. Wait through the ringing and recorded greeting
  3. Navigate the auto attendant
  4. Wait in the queue
  5. More ringing
  6. Finally reach a person; if it’s not the right destination, go back to #4 and start again 

Here’s the process with sayso:

  1. Click on the sayso button
  2. Connect immediately with a representative

With sayso, site visitors skip straight from wanting to call you to actually talking to a live rep—the right rep, because they chose the exact topic on their mind. 

Think of the impulse buyer. She’s on your site, on the verge of making a purchase but has one quick question to ask. If she can just click and ask within seconds, you’ve made the sale that might otherwise have been lost. On the other end of the spectrum, a customer in the middle of a complex purchase can immediately connect to a sales rep to walk him through the details while he’s looking right at your website. 

The simplicity and immediacy associated with click to call lend a personal touch to the typically disconnected online shopping experience. Which leads us to our next stellar sayso advantage... 

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Personalized Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Online shopping is impersonal by definition. Whether someone is looking for a business phone system or a pair of shoes, the screen interface removes all personal touches that brick and mortar stores offer. With sayso and its suite of features, we aim to bring warm customer service to the cool screen interface. 

Screenshot showing OnSIP's Team Page.
Team Pages let customers find the rep with whom they wish to speak—this is particularly helpful for returning site visitors who know their account manager. 

Online assistants that simulate the in-store buying experience have mostly been encountered in retail, a logical starting place to be sure. However, we think all customers should have immediate access to a professional ready and able to help them with their purchasing needs. Features like click to call, assigned topics, and team pages all work to recreate the in-store experience on your website. 

From live help and immediately answered questions to tailored advice, sayso adds a personal connection to the online sales experience. 

Shorten Complex Sales Cycles

Any sales rep worth their salt knows that the best way to make a sale is to talk. Getting a lead on the phone is particularly important for small or medium businesses up against big competitors. You know this, of course, but we bring it up because sayso is built to enable conversations as soon as possible. When immediate assistance is on the table, your customers are motivated to make an equally immediately purchase. 

Know Your Customer: HubSpot CRM Integration

Customer intelligence is a sales team’s gold rush. It’s why we use customer relationship management systems and enable cookies on websites. When you spend your days trying to engage leads and open opportunities, the more data you have, the better. 

Normally, when a call comes in, you don’t have much context to prep you for the conversation. If HubSpot is your CRM of choice, you’re in luck: OnSIP has a HubSpot integration. When a sayso call comes in from someone recognized as a contact, you see a preview of their CRM record with a link to see the full report in a new tab.

Screenshot showing the HubSpot CRM preview for an incoming sayso call.
The HubSpot CRM preview for an incoming sayso call.

Based on which filters you have checked in HubSpot, you’ll see all of the customer’s activity—form submissions, page views, prior sayso calls, and more. Don’t worry about trying to absorb all of this information while simultaneously talking to the caller. As we mentioned earlier, when you pick up a sayso call, you have a 15-second delay before audio kicks in, so you have time to scan the CRM record and the source of the call. 

Every sayso detail is designed to help you give your callers an improved customer experience and turn them from prospects into regular customers. Gone are the days of seeing leads drop out of your pipeline because of missed communication or frustration. You’ll not only make more sales, but you’ll also build every aspect of the brand–customer relationship when site visitors don’t have to jump through the hoops too often associated with business communications. All you have to do is sayso!

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