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Salesforce Shortcuts: Navigating Through the Jungle (Otherwise Known as Your Work Email)

by Nicole Hayward

An unsponsored expression of our appreciation for Salesforce by Joe.

This blog is written by Joe, who handles billing questions and fraud checks here at Junction Networks. Joe discusses how he uses Salesforce to keep track of customer information and provide quality customer service - In other words, this is an unsponsored expression of our love for Salesforce.

Need an efficient way to keep track of customer email and correspondence? Relying on your email client can cause you to be quickly overwhelmed- before you know it, your Inbox and any sub-folders that you create will be overflowing, and trying to find that ONE email from a customer will result in a half hour game of hide-and-go-seek.

I rely on Salesforce, a self-styled customer relationship management tool, to solve this problem for me. Salesforce addresses many aspects of a business, such as its Sales outreach, Customer Support, etc., and it offers a variety of valuable tools to aid employees in these fields.

I take advantage of Salesforce on a daily basis by using its ability to sort and store my emails. I located an add-on at the Salesforce App store called Maildrop, email integration software for Macs (a quick search also brings up email integration software for Windows and Outlook). Maildrop acts as a bridge between my Mac mail account and my Salesforce account. It allows me to upload emails I receive at my Mac mail address to customer contacts in Salesforce.

Using Maildrop, I can pinpoint the customer in Salesforce by searching via names and email addresses, and then upload the email to the customer’s entry in Salesforce. Then, when I am working with that customer, I can see all email correspondence that I had with that particular customer in an organized and chronological list. Salesforce even allows you to create entries for phone calls, where you can summarize what you and the customer spoke about on the call.

This feature is a tremendous time-saver because instead of having to dig through my email account, all I have to do is pull up the customer’s entry in Salesforce and all correspondence I had with him/her is right there in front of me. And what’s more, OnSIP customers that use Firefox as their Internet browser can download our free Click-to-call- Firefox Add-on. With that add-on, any phone numbers that are listed on webpages (including those listed in customer entries in Salesforce), turn into a link that once clicked on, will set up a call for you to that number, without requiring you to dial it on the phone keypad yourself!

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