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Google Docs in Salesforce: Small Feature, Big Help

by Nicole Hayward

This blog post discusses yet another helpful Salesforce function: the ability to open Google Docs directly in Salesforce.

This blog is written by Joe, who handles billing questions and fraud checks here at Junction Networks.

Salesforce is an invaluable business tool because it offers many resources to manage a company’s Sales and Support outreach. As discussed in a previous blog post, I rely on its capacity to store and keep track of email correspondence with customers. This blog post is about another small, but helpful, Salesforce function: Opening Google docs directly in Salesforce.

The staff at Junction Networks relies on Google Docs to collaborate on and complete tasks on a regular basis. Google Docs allows multiple people to simultaneously edit a document and save their edits, visible to all who share the Google doc. This allows for the project to evolve in a much more ordered and organic way. Google Docs is also is an ideal solution to the dilemma of how to get people in separate locations to work on the same project.

As we have employees in many locations throughout the United States, Google Docs is an efficient way to work together on writing announcements or sharing reports. Without this tool, it would be a nightmare to reconcile everyone’s edits to create a final version of the document!

Salesforce has a tab built right into its interface that allows a user to access your Google Docs account. Once you select that tab, you just need to enter your Google username and password, and the main page of Google Docs will open up right within Salesforce. From there, you can open up any Document, Presentation, or Spreadsheet that you have and can even create new ones as needed. This is a great example of the interaction of two useful business tools!

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