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How sayso Web Voice & Video Chat Can Boost Your Business: 4 Industry Case Studies

by Margaret Joy

See how sayso, OnSIP's web calling solution, helps businesses connect with customers in the consumer goods, tech, service, and professional industries.

Does your company have a way for customers to reach out? Of course it does. However, odds are the communication system falls short more often than not. Imagine if your customers, in a rush or in an impulsive mood, could simply click a button and immediately connect with the right representative. That’s exactly the dream we had at OnSIP when we developed sayso

Our innovative inbound web calling system packs a hefty punch in a small package. When the sayso button is placed on your website, clear but unobtrusive, your inbound calls can grow by half because customers have a direct line to you. No confusing auto attendants, no outrageous wait times, and definitely no terrible music on hold draining both their souls and intent to purchase. 

It’s easy to think of inbound calling as a tool reserved for sales teams and support teams, but why limit yourself and your company? With sayso, you decide which topics web visitors can call about and which representatives are assigned to each topic. Your callers know they are reaching the right person, right away. After all, attentive, personalized customer experience is a valuable asset that isn’t bound by industry. 

Increase Inbound Calls by 50% with sayso Live Chat

The ability to do everything online doesn’t mean that your consumers want to completely forego human interaction. If a handy little button is right there on your website, a potential customer is more likely to click to call than to pick up the phone and dial. The sayso button resides in the bottom corner of the screen, and you can even pick its color yourself so that it stays on brand. 

The button is clearly visible, scrolls with the page, and states its purpose with a simple phone icon. Customers decide how personal they want the conversation to be: It’s their choice to make a voice or video call (if the latter is enabled). Additionally, customers choose the topic aligned with their question and even which rep with whom they’ll speak. 

Screenshot showing sayso settings in the OnSIP app.
You decide how sayso looks on your website. 

Where other providers default to text chat only or bots, OnSIP sayso provides instant, direct browser chat through smart routing. Representative availability is key in the world of customer service and experience. Give your company the best tools you can—all you have to do is sayso. 

HubSpot CRM Integration: Where Customer Intelligence and Web Calling Meet

Normally when calls come in, the caller ID gives you a sense of who’s on the line. But when it’s a web call, how do you know who’s calling? The call could be coming from a browser anywhere in the world! Thanks to OnSIP’s HubSpot CRM integration, sayso calls keep you more informed than ever. Besides the call’s topic and web page origin, you’ll see a snippet of the CRM record with a link to the full report that opens in a new tab. This comes from cookie matches—if the caller has submitted a form on your site before, a cookie stored the information and your CRM scrapes for that data when the customer calls you. 

The HubSpot integration allows you to approach the call educated on your caller’s needs, who she’s spoken to before, and what she’s looking for—all information that helps you provide a satisfying customer experience. The caller leaves the encounter happy that for once a phone call with an organization wasn’t a time-wasting, anger-inducing mess of an experience. 

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sayso for Consumer Goods Industries

Maybe you’re a fashion startup, trying to disrupt the way people shop online. Maybe you fix things like handheld electronics, or you run a Halloween store with fluctuating call volume. No matter your niche, the consumer goods industry is prime sayso ground. Your clientele wants help finding something specific or needs something repaired yesterday. Nobody wants to wait on hold—they want the instant gratification that goes hand in hand with modern consumerism. 

Screenshot showing OnSIP Team Page feature.
Find reps you know with sayso Team Pages.

Take, for example, a platform that connects online shoppers with in-store associates—the personal shoppers of today’s technological era. Sasha wants a dress for an upcoming event but can’t get to the physical store. Let’s say she’s shopped at a particular store before and knows a few of the associates. Sasha goes to the Team Page and finds her favorite associate to video chat with as he walks through the store. Together, they pick out a few options and they’re shipped off to Sasha. She’s done her shopping without disrupting her day, was able to choose with whom she spoke, and got a better view of her dress options than she would on a regular e-commerce website—all because of sayso.

sayso for Service Industries: Offer Web Calls!

Anyone who’s ever spent a single day in any type of service industry can attest to the importance of swift response times. Whether you’re in utilities, insurance, student loans, or another business, clients don’t often make social calls. People call because service is out, they need repairs, or something is wrong with their account. The last thing they need is added stress because they’re getting the runaround from their company’s phone system. 

Man in fur parka adjusting wall thermostat.
When your heat goes out, you want to reach somebody fast. 

Take utilities, for example, and a hypothetical situation that Fred’s gotten himself into. It’s the middle of winter and Fred’s heat isn’t working. He’s bundled up in too many layers, and now he’s irritable. He could look up his service provider’s website, search around for the support phone number, find a phone, and type the number in with his shaking fingers. It’s not an ideal situation for Fred, and he hasn’t even gotten to the automated menu yet, let alone been put in a queue. 

With sayso, Fred isn’t stuck on hold for hours after he’s already navigated a convoluted phone tree. Instead, he clicks a button and chooses the topic that meets his needs. Only two steps and he’s connecting with a rep trained specifically for support. If support is a hefty percentage of your inbound calls, as would make sense for a service provider, you may even have several topics under the general “support” umbrella. Fred knows he’s reaching the right person who can help him as soon as possible, and he can relax. The ensuing conversation is easier on both Fred and the heating company’s rep because nobody had to jump through hoops just to reach a live voice.  

sayso for the Tech Industry

IT departments are one thing—how many calls do you think tech companies receive on a daily basis? Software is tricky, and while it’s often fixed as easily as it’s broken, said fixes can’t happen until the end users can reach out. SaaS companies in particular, both B2B and B2C, need to have clear and open lines of communication. 

A customer’s automatic reaction to glitchy technology is to go straight to the software company’s website. Many companies offer email or text chat as a way to reach out. With sayso, your clients can simply click to call you instead. They’ll immediately talk to someone who can help get their website, product, or system back online rather than spending hours on hold watching their daily metrics trend downward. 

Let’s look at Company X. It’s a B2B SaaS organization that strategizes, designs, builds, and maintains websites. Everything is done in house, from client meetings to web hosting to IT support. The good folks in the support department need to be available at all times in case a client’s website goes down, which is exactly what happened to Jon at Company Y. 

Screenshot showing sayso call panel on OnSIP's home page.
With sayso, clients can pull up your homepage and immediately call the department they need.

In a panic, Jon goes straight to Company X’s website looking for the support number and shouts for a phone to borrow because his isn’t in eyesight and time is of the essence. Instead of fumbling for a phone, trying to dial the right number, and waiting through all the recorded options, all the while muttering, “Come on… Come on…” with increasing intensity, Jon sees the sayso button. He clicks it and within seconds is connected with Mimi in IT Support at Company X. Because he is a client and has visited Company X’s website before, there’s a cookie match and Mimi sees his HubSpot CRM record before she even picks up the call. Jon doesn’t have to explain who he is or where he’s calling from. They can get right to the specifics of the issue, and Company Y’s website is back up and running in no time. 

sayso for Professional Organizations: Video Chat for Businesses

Professional organizations like doctor’s offices, law firms, and schools depend on client communications. Whether most of your calls are emergencies, scheduled meetings, or last-minute drop-ins, it’s important that your customers know how to reach you and that they will reach you. These are the type of companies that wouldn’t function without client-facing representatives—availability is a necessity, not an option. 

Sick woman on. couch sneezing into a tissue.
If this is how you feel, the option to web call a doctor sounds pretty ideal.

Sasha woke up with a fever and what may or may not be tonsillitis. Honestly, she has no idea what’s wrong, but she does know that getting out of bed is highly unlikely—and she really needs to see a doctor. Sasha Googles urgent care centers near her and pulls up the website of the closest one. Seeing that there’s a web call option available, she clicks the sayso video call button and reaches the office. The doctor can see her, and she doesn’t have to move after all! 

Sasha croaks out her symptoms and goes, “Aaahhh” at her webcam so that the doctor can get a proper look. The doctor prescribes some antibiotics and tells Sasha to come in if she’s not better in a few days. Because of sayso, Sasha didn’t have to force herself out of bed, kept her highly contagious self out of public transportation, and still received the urgent health care she needed. 

Closing Thoughts

Customer communication, particularly clear and simple communication, isn’t specific to any one industry. Your product, your business model, and your target audience may cover a wide spectrum, but no matter what, you’ll always want your customers to be able to reach you when the need arises. Here at OnSIP, we understand that need better than most, which is why we developed sayso to help you and your customers stay connected from anywhere, at any time, for any reason. 

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