Top 5 Modern Features of a Cloud Based Phone System

The phone is still one of the most valuable sales and service tools in the office today. Are you and your staff taking advantage of the best capabilities of a modern cloud-based phone system? Here are our top 5 must-have features that maximize productivity and efficiency in a modern workplace:


In Sales and Service, seconds matter. Arm your staff with the ability to make more calls by deploying simple click-to-call plugins in their browsers. Plugins highlight all phone numbers within a browser window and make them clickable. For employees who earn more when they call more, these easy-to-use widgets are a great productivity tool.


We have now passed the tipping point and softphones are more popular than desk phones today. Whether you prefer to use a softphone on your Mac, PC, Android, or iPhone, most modern businesses are providing their staff with a choice as to how they talk to their customers. But don’t worry, plastic desk phones are not gone yet, and there are many low cost options for staff members who prefer the feel of pressing a button and holding a handset. Check out our top phones guide here.

Make and receive work calls with the OnSIP app— available in the browser or as a desktop application.

Embedded Web-Based Calling

Do you make your customers leave your website to call you? By embedding audio and video calling into your website’s contact page, team page, and product pages, customers, prospects, and partners can easily voice chat with you without stopping to dial the phone. You can also embed links in an email signature that open up an employee’s personal page. Just two simple clicks get a client instantly talking to a real person at your company.

working-on-sayso-blogEmbedding the sayso button on your website enables visitors to voice or video call your business right from their browser windows.

Video Conferencing

If you can’t be in the same room as your customer, make sure you take full advantage of video conferencing technology. Video conferencing is often provided by your cloud-based phone system provider. Video conferencing allows you to create better rapport, build tighter relationships, and have more effective meetings. Face-to-face conversations are more personal and efficient than simple audio conference calls.

A 5-way video conference call in the OnSIP app.
With the OnSIP app, you can host a free video conference call with up to five participants.

Most cloud-based phone systems offer both audio and video conferencing solutions. However, there are also many third party video conferencing solutions like Webex and GoToMeeting. Make sure to choose a solution that doesn't require your guests to download software before they join a meeting, as this often delays one or more participants from joining and extends the meeting for everyone.

Simultaneous Logins

Work is not a place we go to, it’s a thing we do. Having a softphone both on the smartphone in your pocket and on your computer, as well as desk phones at your home office and workplace empower your customer-facing staff to be in constant contact with your customers no matter where they choose to work. Your cloud-based phone system should allow staff members to have as many devices connected at one time as needed and not limit the number of simultaneous logins.

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