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WebRTC to PSTN Calling

by OnSIP

Learn how to make calls to and from WebRTC applications to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).


WebRTC to PSTN: How It Works

Platforms that have fully integrated WebRTC, such as OnSIP's, allow applications to harness the full capabilities of real-time communications, including WebRTC to PSTN calling. OnSIP has a mature platform that powers a scalable, geographically distributed SIP-based VoIP network. This network is already interconnected with SIP-to-PSTN gateways that convert a VoIP call’s data packets into electrical signals that older telephones can process and transmit.

WebRTC’s technical leniency allows developers to choose the signaling mechanism their applications will use to relay data between peers (i.e. browsers). SIP is a proven, open standard primed for WebRTC signaling. OnSIP's sophisticated architecture proved to be an optimal SIP-based signaling solution for our WebRTC-based products, and enables WebRTC to PSTN calling in a superior fashion. Its redundant, geographically distributed infrastructure already featured the SIP-to-PSTN interconnect that allow VoIP packets to travel through legacy telephone networks. WebRTC to PSTN calling is an eminent possibility for developers using OnSIP's platform.

Putting Theory Into Practice

WebRTC to PSTN calling is not simply a theoretical component of our platform. We have already used our platform to build massively scalable business-grade WebRTC products. InstaPhone, our in-browser WebRTC phone, is capable of making and receiving PSTN calls and VoIP calls. WebRTC to PSTN calling is made possible by InstaPhone’s interconnection with our mature SIP platform. Our platform thus allowed us to build a product that can make and receive calls of any sort, from any device, all within a standard Chrome or Firefox browser.

We live in a world where a daughter using Chrome can call her mother’s household phone, all without leaving the browser, or downloading any plugins. In this sense, WebRTC to PSTN calling offers new possibilities for any developer who deals with human communication. Now OnSIP is offering the network we used to build our own WebRTC-based products to all interested developers. We’ve already taken care of building a complex communications infrastructure connected to the PSTN. That means you can apply your time and imagination to the awesome app you’ve always wanted to build.

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