Personal Attendant

Assign an OnSIP Auto Attendant to answer an individual's phone calls and give callers options. For example, "Sorry I could not answer the phone, press 1 to leave me a voicemail, press 2 to try my cell phone, or press 3 to reach our Support Team."



OnSIP offers voicemail for users and groups of users. Users can listen to a voicemail-to-email .wav attachment, call the OnSIP voicemail system with their extension and PIN, or listen to voicemail in the OnSIP app.


Auto Attendant

Auto Attendants allow you to set up a touchtone menu for your callers. For example, you can play a message to allow the caller to press 1 for the Sales department, 2 for the Support department, etc.



Use groups to efficiently handle calls amongst a team or department. Set a group ring strategy for your sales team so calls can be managed across the whole team. Your leads will never reach a voice mailbox again.

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Desk Phones

OnSIP works with any SIP standard desk phone. If you don't already have phones, we'll help. Phone setup is easy with the OnSIP boot server— just a few clicks in the Admin Portal. Plus, we offer a getting started phone promo credit for new customers.

  • Polycom
  • Grandstream
  • Yealink
  • Many more!

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SIP Desk Phones
OnSIP InstaPhone on tablet

The OnSIP App

Work away from your desk without missing a beat, or replace your desk phone entirely. Our free application includes a business-grade phone that runs on your desktop or right in your browser.

  • Manage multiple calls, transfer, mute, extension dial, etc.
  • Video chat anyone from your custom contact list
  • Make secure (100% encrypted) calls to other app users
  • Gather intelligence on your caller, such as webpage visited, when paired with sayso

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OnSIP FOR Mobile

Work on the go with OnSIP for iOS and OnSIP for Android. Simply install, log in with your OnSIP credentials, and find all your organization's contacts available to you. Make and receive calls from anywhere.

  • Stay connected with simul-ring when your business number or extension is dialed
  • Extension dial your coworkers and On Net Conference Suites for free
  • Maintain your office caller ID when making outbound calls
  • Listen to crystal-clear HDvoice over your WiFi connection
  • Transfer calls or put them on hold just as you do in the office
  • Take advantage of video calling and presence indicators

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OnSIP Mobile App

Top VoIP Phones for 2019

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sayso topic buttons


Boost conversions and customer satisfaction with sayso— instant voice/video calling from your website to your sales and support agents.

  • Let your website visitors seamlessly click to call your business from their browser
  • Make lasting impressions with customers over HD video chat 
  • Generate as many sayso buttons as you like with a few clicks
  • Let callers skip the phone tree and immediately be connected with the right representative
  • Empower your sales and support team with real-time data, such as the caller's webpage and topic of discussion

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How efficiently does your organization handle calls from prospects and customers? Let the Enhanced Queue Dashboard show you. Gain the confidence to make informed decisions on staffing and training your sales and support teams. 

  • View the status of your agents and callers
  • Run reports on wait times and agent performance
  • Learn your peak calling hours
  • Monitor calls, barge, or whisper with a click

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OnSIP Hubspot Integration
OnSIP Odoo Integration
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Chrome Integration
OnSIP Developer Guides Icon

Developer Guides

Get a hang of WebRTC by building your own InstaCall and InstaPhone apps using our tutorials and SIP.js, an open source JS library by OnSIP.

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OnSIP Apps

Like our pre-built solutions, but wish you could make a few small changes? See these guides to tweak them to better fit your brand and use case.

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Admin API

Get familiar with our Admin API to take control of your OnSIP account. Manage users, data reports, feature administration, and more.

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