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OnSIP Standard Calling Area

Our standard calling area extends beyond the Continental United States. When you sign up, you will be able to make calls to the following areas for 2.9 cents per minute. For information and rates beyond the Standard Calling Area, check our Extended Calling Area details.

Standard Calling Area for 2.9 cents per minute

Country Notes
Argentina Buenes Aires & Cordoba
Brazil Rio de Janeiro
Canada Excluding Yukon & the Northwest Territories
Mexico Major Cities
United Kingdom  
United States Includes Cellular Phones, excludes Alaska and Hawaii
  • Rates are effective 09/13/16 and subject to change without notice.
  • Calls to cellular phones and premium numbers are excluded unless otherwise stated.
  • Inbound calling rates per minute to a toll free number are as follows: 3.9 cents (US48 States), 9.9 cents (Canada), 30 cents (Puerto Rico), 20 cents (Hawaii), 75 cents (Alaska). 9.9 cents (Anonymous, Restricted, Blocked, Invalid Caller ID).
  • Inbound calls from pay phones are billed at 50 cents per call.
  • Inbound calls from International phone numbers to a toll free are not accepted
  • Outbound calls to toll-free numbers are charged at the standard-calling rate of 2.9 c/min.