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Sales and Support Agents: Work More Effectively With OnSIP’s Zendesk Integration

by Joe DeBari

The Zendesk Integration by OnSIP automatically creates a ticket in the Zendesk interface when a call agent answers a sales or support call.

OnSIP offers a variety of integrations with popular business applications that allow users of both services to more efficiently complete their tasks. For instance, our HubSpot integration displays a caller’s HubSpot contact record within the web or desktop app. While you’re speaking with a caller in the app, you can view his recent activity there, as well as access his full HubSpot contact record just by clicking on a link.

OnSIP also has a Zendesk integration that helps Zendesk users quickly create tickets and fill them in with pertinent info on the caller. Free for all OnSIP customers, here’s how it works.

Save Time With Automatically Created Zendesk Tickets

When a call agent receives a call, his OnSIP-registered phone will ring. He will also have a browser popup notification appear on his monitor or laptop with basic caller ID information. Once he answers the call, a new ticket is instantly created right within the agent’s Zendesk interface.

The ticket automatically:

  • Is given a unique Zendesk ticket ID number
  • Is assigned to the Zendesk agent who answered the phone call
  • Is time stamped with the exact date and time of the call
  • Is pre-populated with the phone number that the caller called, as well as the phone number of the caller himself (the caller’s callback number)

The Zendesk integration is part of the OnSIP Call Assistant for Google Chrome. Once you install the Call Assistant on your Chrome web browser, not only will you get Zendesk tickets created automatically, but you can also take advantage of click-to-call within Chrome! A quick click on any phone number in the Chrome browser will instantly dial that number—all you have to do is pick up your phone handset and wait for the person on the other end of the line to answer.

Both the Zendesk integration and Call Assistant are free features for all OnSIP customers.

Call agent working in the Zendesk interface.

4 Reasons Why the Zendesk Integration Will Enhance Your Customer Service

Equipping your sales or support call agents with OnSIP’s Zendesk integration empowers them to provide efficient service to their callers in these ways:

#1: Tickets Are Populated Without Requiring the Agent to Manually Create Them

When a call is answered, the Zendesk ticket is immediately created. The agent will not have to ask the caller to wait on hold for a few moments while she clicks through options in Zendesk to create a new ticket and type in key information about the call. The ticket will already be front and center in her Zendesk interface with important call details pre-populated, such as the ticket number and date and time of the call.

The agent also won’t have to worry about writing down incorrect contact information—for example, if she were to mishear the caller’s callback phone number. Those details will automatically appear in the ticket.

#2: The Agent Can Quickly Get to the Caller’s Issue/Question

With these call details promptly logged in the Zendesk ticket, the agent can quickly focus on the matter at hand: the reason why the caller called. Rather than having to ask the caller for his callback number and other basic info, the agent can jump right in and ask him for specifics about the problem that he is experiencing. She can also follow up with more troubleshooting questions to help pin down the problem. By addressing the caller and tackling his question right away, she’ll be able to resolve the issue faster—providing an outstanding customer service experience for him!

#3: The Agent Can Successfully End the Interaction with Call Wrap-Up Tasks

When the call is ended, the agent can complete any post-call wrap-up tasks while the Zendesk ticket is on her screen. She can type in private notes summarizing the call and the next steps that were spoken about, create a public response that will be sent to the caller reiterating what was discussed and providing him with relevant links to how-to articles or videos, and tag the ticket with his account ID information.

#4: The Integration Will Help Your Agents Effectively Answer More Calls During the Workday

As previously mentioned, cutting out the manual steps of ticket creation will enable your call agent to quickly tackle the caller’s question, providing a great support experience for the caller in the process. It will also help your agents to work more efficiently. After completing a few post-call tasks in the ticket, they can close it out and be ready to take the next call in the queue.

For Installation Steps and More Info...

For step-by-step installation instructions on the Zendesk Integration, go to our Knowledgebase article. And if you’re interested in learning about the other features and integrations that are available with an OnSIP account, check out our complete guide to OnSIP’s UCaaS and business VoIP features.

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